Enterprise Tech News: Outlook Web Access Re-branded, Google Play New Beta Testing Features, Microsoft Acquires Sales Contest Platform

07 Aug. 2015 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features Microsoft refreshing Outlook Web App with new features, Google making beta testing easier for Developers and Microsoft’s acquisition of sales platform that increases enterprise productivity.

Microsoft’s Outlook Web App (OWA) Reborn with new Name, new Look and new Features

Outlook on the Web

Microsoft has reincarnated the web version of Outlook in Office 365; Outlook Web App (OWA) will now be known as ‘Outlook on the web’ going forward. This is not the main news though.

The Outlook App is undergoing a major facelift. Some of the changes are a brand new, cleaner UI and features such as being able to pin messages, Sweep, Archive, Undo and optional single-line view. Apart from that, users will have more mail customization options, Calendar additions like weather, visual cues, and mail reminders.

All these updates are Microsoft’s continued efforts to make the standalone Outlook Apps more attractive and usable for Windows, iOS and Android users.

Google Offers New Beta Testing Options to Developers

Google Beta Testing Options

Google has added new developer features to Google Play that makes it easier for app creators to plan and bring Android users on board to join beta tests.

Earlier, beta tests were closed and had to be run through a Google+ community or Google Group. With the new option, users don’t need to be a part of these social channels to become testers. Developers can provide open beta (anyone with a link can join the test with a single click) or a closed beta using email addresses (limited to users on a list of individual email addresses).

Google understands that a streamlined app testing and submission process is crucial for developers looking to create robust applications.

Microsoft Acquires Sales Contest Platform to Improve Organizational Productivity

Microsoft adds Gamification to Dynamics CRM

Microsoft has declared the acquisition of a “sales gamification” platform called FantasySalesTeam.

This software lets sales organizations run contests that are similar to those run by fantasy sports. Organizations can allot “player” positions to sales reps based on their performance and offer rewards depending on company’s desired sales goals and achievements. This information can be included with a company’s CRM platforms like Salesforce.com or Microsoft Dynamics.

According to Microsoft, this can help companies provide incentives to their sales teams and accomplish better results.

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