Painting- A Passion and A Process

01 Dec. 2010 General

Who invented colors? – The very first question came to my mind after getting a sense of different colors. When I look up the sky it’s blue, I look on the floor it’s brown, I turned to right and saw a black & white puppy, I turned left and found a crowd of people; all carrying a new flavor of color on their faces. I stopped and questioned myself ‘why do we question nature’s creativity & wonder! Can’t we just play with this colorful world?

Thus I started painting and I learnt that the process of art creation helps my inner perception grow. when I paint, I use a crayon freely, both in traditional and innovative ways, I get a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction during the process and when I finish, I want to transmit that same feeling to whoever is looking at my painting. While painting, there is a connection between my mind and my hands, and my hands and the brushes, and brushes and the canvas, and I paint whatever my mind is telling me to without any references. Painting is my passion, my fuel, my medicine, my voice, my perspective. It gives me questions and answers and adds richness and vibrancy to the ups and downs of everyday life

The most memorable painting for me has been a day at my workplace where I was given a white T-shirt along with one color of fertility – Green & another color of renunciation & spirituality – Saffron and I was asked to express the feelings of patriotism with the magic of finger paintings. I named that unforgettable experience as ‘Painting a Nation’

Have you started scratching your head over great gift ideas for Christmas yet? Don’t panic, paint! Paint gifts. Everyone loves a work of art from the heart.

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