Photography – The art you can find around yourself

08 Dec. 2010 General

In the universe each and every component has been created for certain cause, for certain perspective. Each and every thing around you has some significant values from the visual point of view. A certain place can be looked at differently in various lighting conditions, in different seasons and in a different angle of vision. You can explore the hidden art within every object around you through an effective way and “PHOTOGRAPHY” that beautiful tool that equips us to do so.

PhotographyLocating and finally capturing a scene through the view finder (in an SLR camera) and LCD screen (in Digital camera) is the most important way to discover the hidden art behind the scene. This is simply called “Framing”. Opening both palms in a diagonal way is the best common practice for framing.

Next comes the ‘shot dimension’. Which means determining the shot of a particular scene or any person or any object. Different shot dimensions i.e long shot, close shot, extra-long shot, micro shot, skin tight shot, mid shot etc. are explained in the example below.

PhotographyIn the left image two shots of a particular person are captured. The ‘Man versus background ratio’ is different in these two shots. If you want to show the man’s face with his expression in a detail, a ‘close shot’ is what you need to take, otherwise you can take a mid-shot to create a balance between both the man and his background and capture the man with the background in a little bit detail.

PhotographyExcept framing and shot dimension another most important feature is “Lighting” – A tricky aspect of photography to be controlled by the photographer. We can understand the third dimension automatically when we visualize any object with our naked eyes. But in case of photography, getting that third dimension in your snap shot is not that easy. In photography this is called “Depth of Field” and lighting is the key factor involved. The same image looks different while the intensity and amount of light in different areas in the subject varies. Even the expression can be changed by using light and shadow. I think this picture can explain it in a better way.

There are also many features of photography such as ISO, shutter speed, aperture, tele and wide angle view, colour temperature, white balance etc. which we will look into later.

Hope the above creates a basic interest for this wonderful art called Photography.

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