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Qualities of a Good Tester

22 Nov 2011

Being a tester, I am sure you might have encountered situations where, after a successful release you walk into the office, only to find that email from your client mentioning an issue! It is marked to your project manager and all the developers. An urgent meeting is called for, in order to catch the culprit!

Playing the blame game is an easy approach to survive in the testing world but it won’t provide a tester with the much needed oxygen for a long period of time. Projects are like babies made by dedicated developers and if you point out some defects in someone’s baby, you will definitely not be taken positively. The solution is to come closer to the developer and make him/her realize that you intend good for their child and you will be a helping hand in doing so.

To accomplish this goal, every member in the team will have to sail in the same ship working in sync and also ensure that the ship is sailing smoothly and in harmony towards the terminus. This whole process is enough to prove or test whether you posses all the required skills to be a top IT professional and a good tester.

Sharp and quick analyzing power, good domain knowledge, patience to do research and development on the domain are a few qualities of a good tester. A good tester should inculcate healthy sportsmanship to be able to admit if he/she went wrong at any point or could have used the better approach.

“To err is human” is one of the universal facts and the QA testing process is not an exception to it. It is quite possible that even after taking all good care you miss a point that could lead to leakage. This is one such critical situation where we tend to loose our patience and start shifting the reasons on others. Instead of gunning down the culprit, efforts should be made in rectifying the mistake from the root to the tip.

Any organization dreaming to achieve excellence in testing needs a set of members who can overcome such situations. It is impossible to accomplish this with a one man army approach. It had always been a challenging experience to convince developers of a bug in the application and its highly negative impact on the project.

Fortunately, applying the qualities of a good tester and working with the project team made me realize that this process can be simplified if the mindset of the people working on it is corrected. The project gained client satisfaction, acceptance and popularity only because it had the right set of people devoted in developing it and ambitious enough to make it a success. It was easy to iron out the imperfections because the team wanted the project to be perfect. They were ready to understand that one small leakage may lead to a big setback in the future and they put in 100 percent efforts in removing it from base to the top.

Penning down this article is a small step to awaken the dormant spark in all professionals. It is a tiny nudge to the qualities of a good tester which just needs a head start to hit the charts of success.

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