Enterprise Tech News: R Tools for Visual Studio, Apple Shifts Cloud Data from AWS to Google, OpenJDK’s New Plan for Easier Coding

18 Mar. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Visual Studio Gets R Tools, Apple Partially Moves Its Cloud Data From AWS To Google and OpenJDK’s plan to make Java coding easier.

Visual Studio Gets Open-source Stats, R Tools

R Tools for Visual Studio

Microsoft has open-sourced R Tools for Visual Studio (RTVS). The first look of RTVS is already available. The commercial users have been attracted to packages like SPSS so far, but R is now ubiquitous. RTVS aims to get the application developers to utilize its high-powered analysis.

The early release currently offers:

  • A Read-Eval-Print-Loop with IntelliSense support
  • A history window that displays all of the commands that you have typed in R Interactive Window
  • A variable explorer and debugging capabilities

Along with this, there are some features that are yet to be implemented such as no UI for package installation or creation, no refactoring support in the editor, etc. Microsoft R Open and R Server are of course GPL2 or GPL3.

R Tool for Visual Studio will be released as free and open-source under MIT license

Apple Moves Part of Its Cloud Data From AWS to Google

Apple partially migrates its Cloud Data from AWS to Google Cloud Platform

Apple is running a part of its iCloud and services data on Google cloud platform instead of AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform. The move is speculated to be temporary as the company is building its own datacenters in Messa, Arizona. Apple also plans to set up datacenters in Ireland and Denmark, whose operations are expected to start in 2017. With this, Apple will have seven datacenters in all.

CRN reported that Apple has significantly reduced its reliance on AWS after signing the deal with Google last year. The cost to Apple for using Google services is said to be between $400 and $600 million. Apple is further expected to diversify its internet services and operate the iCloud and other services internally in coming years.

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Java Coding Gets Easier With OpenJDK


A new plan for OpenJDK will provide Java with a local variable type inference capability. This will make writing codes easier while continuing with static type safety. The plan was proposed in JEP 286 early this month but which version of Java will the improvement support is not yet cited.

JEP states that “We seek to improve the developer experience by reducing the ceremony associated with writing Java code while maintaining Java’s commitment to static type safety by allowing developers to elide the often-unnecessary manifest declaration of local variable types”. Some variant of local type inference is already backed by languages like C++, Go and Scala. Moreover, OpenJDK works as an open-source Java SE implementation and is supported by Oracle.

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