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Rishabh’s Annual Event – Kaleidoscope

30 Nov 2010

Kaleidoscope – The Pit Stop. An interesting word originated from the circuits of F1 races propelled me the other day to think of the importance of having breaks in our lives. We often consider our mind and body as a well oiled machine and more often than not, it’s too late before we realize that we’ve wrecked and stressed it too far before giving it a deserving break. Kaleidoscope, the annual event for all Rishabhites made me recall an interesting analogy between corporate professional and cars.

Disclaimer: No offences to anyone, this comparison is just a fictional analogy

Consider the organization as a car and various parts and sections of the ‘Car’ as employees and departments respectively. Now, most of us know that after ‘certain’ period of time, we take our car for servicing. Reason: Simple, we understand that the vehicle needs rest and probably tuning various parts of the body is quintessential for its cause. Carburetor, for example would have accumulated some, sorry, a lot of dirt and filtration process facing is a hindrance due to it. Exteriors are not as good as they used to be and battery probably needs more ‘water’.

Similarly, considering an organizational scenario, during the course of operations, there is an unavoidable occurrence of friction between departments. As the parts of a car wear down with time and need the much deserved attention and care. People of an organization and thus the organization as a whole needs ‘servicing’ – ‘recreation’ in corporate terminology. Organizational events or team outings act as service centers for our car and put us back into the right gear.

As in case of service centre where different parts are treated in different ways, different departments prefer diverse ways of recreation. Marketing department may prefer outdoor expeditions full of adventure sport, whilst HR may prefer a team outing in a calm place. All the friction and wear that would have taken place within the teams seemingly disappears and they all return as one happy bunch. Obviously, with an expression… “Oh No! Kal Fir Office jana hai”.

Kaleidoscope – Is one such great leveler, that caresses all the friction, wear & tear amongst employees and gives them the much needed breath of fresh air. Furthermore, such events ensure that employees feel their belongingness the family. The grand Rishabh car stops and rewinds its entire year and gears up refueling all its cylinders for the year ahead. The great umbrella expands and showers all the goodies and finally unfolds, but not before leaving all hearts refreshed and with a promise to return next year… and return with a bang!

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