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ROI From Cloud Integration

08 Apr 2013


Cloud integration has taken the IT world by a storm, making it easier for small as well as large scale businesses manage their resources and data at low cost efficiently. Cloud computing basically refers to management of your data and applications on a remote server, which can be accessed through internet. Many organizations already have a lot of data, which they find difficult to manage. Cloud application development can help them solve their problems and manage their data well. An enterprise, which has cloud based applications, can gain greater benefits. Let us discuss the ROI from cloud computing and learn how it will benefit you.


The ROI from cloud integration can be measured in six different ways, which are as follows:


1. Cost efficiency

Cloud computing, as a method, is cost effective in terms of use, maintaining and upgrading. Comparatively, a traditional desktop application can prove to be more costly in terms of finance, as it has to be purchased individually for each of your employee. A cloud based application is available at comparatively cheaper rates, and also with various payment options such as one-time payment or pay-as-you-go.


2. Increased storage capacity

Cloud based applications provide you with almost unlimited storage capacity, which relinquishes your need to worry about shortage of storage space. It also increases your current storage capacity to a greater extent.


3. Backup and recovery of data

All of your data, upon using a cloud application, gets stored on the cloud. This makes backup and restoration of your data much easier in comparison to storage of such a large data on a physical device. Most of the cloud applications are apt in restoring your stored data, which thus makes then process of backup and recovery of your data easier.


4. Software integration

Cloud integration, or integration of various software occurs automatically in the cloud. In other words, you will not be required to personally customize and integrate your applications according to your preferences. Apart from this, cloud also allows you the freedom to customize your options with ease.


5. Access to information

The information you store on the cloud is easily accessible at any place and time, provided you have an internet connection.


6. Speedy deployment

The most important of all benefits that cloud integration can bring about is quick deployment, meaning that you entire system can become fully functional quicker.

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