Enterprise Tech News: Google Launched Android Studio 2.0, 1st Update For Safari Technology Preview Announced, OpenStack Released Mitaka

15 Apr. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Google launches Android Studio 2.0 with Instant Run, Apple’s Safari Technology Preview 2.0, and OpenStack embraces the Mitika release.

Google Launches Android Studio 2.0 To Make App Development Easier

Android Studio 2.0 for App Development

Google recently launched Android Studio 2.0 which is the latest version of its integrated development environment (IDE). It comes with a slew of enhancements that includes the following:

Instant Run: this feature will improve your workflow and allow you to quickly see the changes running on your emulator or device. The instant run button will also let you analyse the changes you made and identify how it can deploy your new code faster.

Android Emulator: This new Android Emulator is up to 3x faster in CPU, RAM, and I/O when compared to the previous Android Emulator. It has a new user interface and sensor controls that let you drag and drop APKs for faster installation, resize and rescale the Window and so on.

Cloud Test Lab: This latest service lets you test your app across wide-ranging devices and device configurations. Google considers it as an extension to your testing process that allows you to run through a set of tests against the portfolio of physical devices hosted in Google data centers.

Download the latest version for Mac, Windows, and Linux directly from Android.com/SDK

Apple Unleashes First Update To Safari Technology Preview

First update and second release of Safari Technology Preview 2.0

Apple has released the first update to its Safari Technology Preview version of Safari browser designed for software developers. The updated 9.1.1 version includes multiple changes in regards to JavaScript, CSS, the browser’s Web Inspector feature, accessibility, and the updates from the WebKit open-source browser engine.

The new Safari browser delivers improved support for ECMAScript 6, as earlier it had come to other modern browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. The Release Notes has a full list of amendments.

Download the new version directly from Apple’s site, or you can avail it from the Updates section in the Mac App Store.

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OpenStack’s New Release, Mitaka Targets Easy Cloud Management

Openstack Mitaka for Easy Cloud Management

The OpenStack Foundation released Mitika, the thirteenth launch of its open-source cloud platform. Mitika comes with standardized APIs across projects, a unified CLI and single step setups for various components. With the Mitika release, OpenStack aims to make integration and management of all the in OpenStack big Tent easier and improve the user experience.

“The reason why we are seeing this focus is because we have now had big users run OpenStack in production for two years now,” said OpenStack Foundation COO Mark Collier. He further added “The Mitaka release also features updated SDKs and makes it much easier for developers to work with OpenStack’s “Neutron” networking stack – though some of this work is still in its infancy.”

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