Enterprise Tech News: Salesforce App Cloud for Mobile Development, Facebook React Native Open Sourced, Microsoft Prajna for Big Data

18 Sep. 2015 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features Salesforce launching App Cloud for delivering integrated CRM mobile development, Facebook’s React for developing native Android applications, and Microsoft’s Prajna for Big Data.

Salesforce App Cloud Launched to Deliver Integrated Mobile Development

App Cloud Announcement

Salesforce has launched an integrated developer platform called Salesforce App Cloud. This platform will simplify Salesforce development on cloud, social and mobile for enterprise developers.

App Cloud includes several features such as Force.com, Heroku developer platform and Saleforce Lightning mobile framework. In addition, with the new data and network services offered, enterprise consumers will find it easier to build connected applications with the Salesforce platform. Also, developers will now be able to focus more on creating better enterprise solutions rather than just infrastructure.

The introduction of Salesforce App Cloud is yet another push by the organization to drive its mobile development strategy.

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Faster Android Native Application Development with React by Facebook

React Native for Android

Facebook has released an Open Source project called Native to speed up the process of developing sophisticated native applications for Android with JavaScript.

React is a JavaScript library which helps developers to reuse the same code for creating interfaces across the Web, iOS and Android. Open sourcing React Native will also help organizations in minimizing development costs by reusing the code. In addition, developers will be able to quickly add new features and the reduce the app release time lag for iOS and Android platform.

Microsoft Introduces Prajna For Big Data Analytics

Prajna For Big Data

Microsoft is busy conducting research on a new project that has been codenamed Prajna. This new platform enables developers to easily build mobile applications and cloud services that can process and analyze vast amounts of enterprise data.

Prajna has been built on the .Net programming language and is meant to compete with Apache Spark. Similar to popular data processing technologies like Hadoop and Spark, Prajna is also an open-source platform.

Through Prajna, Microsoft aims to become a stronger player in the Big Data processing & analytics market.

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