and SAP On a Competitive Edge

07 Jun. 2013 Enterprise Tech News

Acquisition of vendors seems to be the way the two tech giants, and SAP are trying to compete with each other., according to the Gartner’s market-share report, was listed on the first spot, bypassing SAP. Its recent announcement, made on Tuesday, of buying ExactTarget shows how it is trying to expand its roots into the marketing field. already has an assortment of marketing technology, running ads on social media sites in particular, and now with the acquisition of ExactTarget, it will be moving towards improving its capabilities in multi-channel marketing automation. said in a statement that “Combination of’s and ExactTarget’s products will create a world-class marketing platform across e-mail, social, mobile and the web”. SAP

SAP seems is set on gaining back its top position, in a bid for which it announced the buying of vendor Hybris. This announcement was made just a day after announced that it was buying ExactTarget at $2.5 billion. SAP also announced that Hybris is the fastest growing e-commerce software vendor in the world.

SAP has previously made e-commerce-related acquisitions by purchasing Ariba and Crossgate. Bill McDermott, co-CEO said in a conference that “Hybris will serve as a defining step in SAP’s evolution to a business-to-business-to-consumer company”.

The two companies seem to have a head start since customers around the world use SAP’s and Hybris’s software simultaneously. However, the question remains as to how quickly will SAP deliver the integration of products and addition of technology that it promised during its announcement on Wednesday.

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