Salesforce.Com Comes Up With A New Mobile Services Platform

12 Apr. 2013 Enterprise Tech News says that its new mobile services platform will accelerate the mobile app development with its new tools, events and programs.

The new platform, they say, will pave way for the mobile enterprises to tap into real time customer data using powerful mobile applications. This service will help businesses who have struggled to make better mobile apps for their marketing, sales and customer service departments.

According to the VP, platform marketing, the two most important factors in the process of mobile app development are customer data and speed. He says, “The platform delivers the fastest path from idea to mobile app because it provides pre-build and pre-coded services such as authentication, user access, testing, reporting and analytics”.

Traditionally, these services had to be coded by developers themselves by using the legacy platforms. Holden says that “Using the Salesforce code and tools can help eliminate weeks or even months from the development cycle and allows the developer to really hone in on what makes the app truly engaging – the user experience”.

Holden says that the’s new mobile services is predicted to help developers deliver specific and required mobile apps in just days.

We now have to wait and see whether the claims and predictions of VP, platform marketing come true or not. The true answer will only lie with the developers who use this new mobile service platform for developing new mobile apps.

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