Salesforce.Com Gives Mobile Solutions To The Government Agencies

27 May. 2013 Enterprise Tech News has launched new mobile solutions which are specifically build for serving the government agencies. has long since been known as the leader in enterprise cloud solutions. This enterprise cloud leader has now come up with new mobile solutions that will prove to be a great help to government agencies. These solutions include mobile communities for government, platform mobile services for government, Rapid Response 311 and government social command center.

Daniel Burton, SVP for Government Transformation at, Inc. said, “Government organizations everywhere are struggling to deliver a new generation of citizen services in the face of shrinking budgets. To succeed they must shed the legacy IT systems designed for the last century and embrace mobile cloud solutions that transform their ability to connect with citizens”.

Salesforce Mobile Application

General Services Administration (GSA) is one of the largest client of among the US federal agencies. The GSA has created more than 100 apps using the mobile platform and has benefited in reducing costs incurred.

The Rapid Response 311 is expected to help the government agents provide better services, resolve cases faster and improve their productivity. The Mobile Communities for Government will help the federal agencies stay in touch with other departments. Similarly the Government Social Command Center will enable the agencies to improve their communication and engagement with the citizens.

What we now have to see is how well can the government agencies can benefit from this leading enterprise cloud solutions company, with the newly introduced mobile solutions exclusively for them. How do you feel about government agencies using commercial cloud based tools to provide it’s citizens services?

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