’s New CRM Product – Sales Performance Accelerator Launched in the Cloud

25 Jul. 2013 Enterprise Tech News launched its new CRM product Sales Performance Accelerator, which also combines its other CRM software – and has taken another step towards making business easier for the sales teams. It launched its new CRM product Sales Performance Accelerator with this objective. It solidified its objective by combining the new product with its other CRM software and, which will make it easier for them to conduct sales. will help sales teams extract business and contact data which is said to help the sales executives to identify and qualify new leads. It will help the sales teams to keep their data clean too. The information gathered will help the sales reps to increase the amount of “pipeline” or early-stage deals they have to work with.

With, the managers will be able to enhance the performance of their sales teams. They will be able to coach, motivate and reward their teams for their work. This information will help the sales reps gain more ‘win rates’.

The Sales Performance Accelerator is mainly aimed at the already existing customers of the Sales Cloud. The early adapters of the new CRM product, according to, include CareerBuilder, DocuSign and Enterasys.

The company is also offering Sales Performance Accelerator at promotional rates for the first 90 days. For customers subscribing during the promotional days, it will be available at $90 per user per month. Thereafter, the CRM product will be available at $110 per user per month.

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