Enterprise Tech News: Salesforce Health Cloud Launched, Microsoft Office Add-In Tools Introduced, Facebook Hack Codegen Open Sourced

04 Sep. 2015 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features Salesforce launching Health Cloud, Microsoft introducing Office Add-In tools and Facebook open sourcing Hack Codegen.

Salesforce Health Cloud Launched For Healthcare Providers

Salesforce Launches Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce has typically focused on sales and marketing teams to grow its CRM business. However, the company has recently charted into a new territory by launching Salesforce Health Cloud for healthcare providers to manage patient data.

With this launch, Salesforce aims to help healthcare organizations achieve better patient management. How will this be achieved? Salesforce Health Cloud will collect data from various sources such as medical records and devices into a single place. Having a single repository of this data will assist health workers to make smarter patient-care decisions and engage in early intervention if needed. On the other hand, through mobile apps, patients will also be able to monitor their own health.

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Microsoft Introduces New Tools to Build Office Add-Ins

Microsoft Corporation Office Add-Ins Tools

Microsoft has announced new tools that’ll help developers create slick looking add-ins for the Office Apps. Office add-ins are nothing but web apps that enhance features in the various applications which are a part of the productivity suite.

In the past, it used to be cumbersome for developers to make add-ins that were a fit with the productivity suite. The issue has been resolved with Microsoft releasing its Office UI fabric as open source on GitHub for developers. This includes a set of tools that enables developers to easily make their add-ins similar to the native Office UI.

This announcement emphasizes the fact that the company is looking to strengthen its third party apps and services that work with the Microsoft productivity suite.

Facebook Hack Codegen now Open Source

Facebook Hack Codegen

Facebook is continuing its open source initiatives by making Hack Codegen available for all. Hack Codegen is a library that automatically generates Hack code. Developed by Facebook in house, Hack is a more scalable version of PHP.

The programming language was developed for Facebook’s HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM) that works closely with PHP. The advantage of Hack is that it brings together the quick development cycle of PHP with the disciple of static typing. Apart from this, it takes less than 200 milliseconds to run, so developers can easily integrate it to their workflow without causing significant delay.

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