Enterprise Tech News: Salesforce Launched Lightning Experience, Google Container Engine Commercial Release, Microsoft Sharepoint 2016 Announced

28 Aug. 2015 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features Salesforce announcement about the Lightning experience, Google moves its Container Engine out of beta and Microsoft launches SharePoint 2016 with hybrid cloud search.

Salesforce CRM Revamped with Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce has just made an announcement about the Lightning experience. This is an important redesign initiative that includes almost all its applications and devices. What we have is an overhauled desktop version of Sales Cloud, the core web-based customer-relationship management software.

Apart from this, the company has also launched Financial Services Cloud, which will be based on the Lightning experience. This new offering is Salesforce’s innovative product that enables finance professionals to track client relationships.

With this declaration, Salesforce has made major efforts to streamline routine CRM tasks while making it easier to view important data about goals and tasks.

Learn how we helped one of our clients to make the most of Salesforce CRM here: https://www.rishabhsoft.com/blog/sales-force-automation-solution-for-call-planning

Google Container Engine Out of Beta

Google Container Engine

Google’s Container Engine (GCE) is finally out of the beta and is available for all.

This service by Google helps to run and manage Docker containers on its cloud platform using open source Kubernetes system. GCE enables enterprise clients to run their most complicated workloads in the cloud. In addition, the commercial launch of GCE is also backed by Google with 99.5 percent service level agreement that guarantees customers of its availability.

The company now is in a better position to compete with public cloud market leader Amazon Web Services when it comes to being the ideal choice to host container-based applications.

Microsoft launches SharePoint Server 2016 with Cloud Hybrid Search and App Launcher

SharePoint Server 2016

The IT preview of SharePoint Server 2016, a document-sharing and collaboration software meant for installation in enterprises’ on premise data centers, has been announced by Microsoft.

Some of the major updates include: a new app launcher, an easy file sharing system, an upgraded 10GB maximum limit for user-uploaded files and a tool that prevents users from transferring certain documents outside SharePoint environment for a specific time period. However, the most interesting feature is the cloud hybrid search. What this does is, when a user searches in Office 365, the search results are populated with files both from Office 365 and SharePoint.

Read about the advantages of migrating to SharePoint here: https://www.rishabhsoft.com/blog/why-update-to-sharepoint-2013

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