Samsung – Set to Emerge as an All Entertainment and Computing Stage?

27 Aug. 2013 Enterprise Tech News

Samsung with the initiation of its first ever Developer Conference indicates that it is slowly moving towards becoming an all entertainment and computing stage.

Samsung has opened registrations for the Samsung Developer Conference, its first ever. The conference is to be held in the month of October, from 27th – 29th in San Francisco. The conference will be held at the St. Francis Hotel, with one ticket costing at $299. Through this conference, Samsung is to help developers create apps on its popular smartphones, smart televisions and tablets.

WonPyo Hong, Samsung’s president of media solutions, said in a statement, “Samsung is excited to offer developers a single place to learn how to develop, market and monetize applications and services that may span smartphones, tablets and televisions. As convergence of user experiences and as consumers utilize more devices, even at the same time, the opportunity for the developers to be innovative has never been better.”


Samsung, through this conference, is sending a message to the world that it is not just a successful vendor smartphones and tablets, or just a maker of televisions that happen to talk to Facebook. Instead, the company is set to build a vision of connected, intelligent array of devices that can interoperate smoothly and use Android. However, it will comprise of a platform that is higher than the Android itself.

Statistics of last year indicate a figure of astonishing 400 million phones that Samsung sold. In the current year so far, the company is known to have sold twice as many smartphones as its next four competitors combined have sold. Samsung also holds a leadership position as far as TVs and plays a significant role in the sale of PCs.

These characteristics combined, Samsung has all ingredients, gaming console exempted, for creating a full, integrated entertainment and computing platform.

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