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Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft And SAP Announced HANA On Azure, Apple Released iOS 9.3.2 Update, Gradle Added New JVM Language Kotlin

20 May 2016

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft and SAP extends partnership and brings HANA to Azure, Apple releases iOS 9.3.2 that enables using Night Shift and Low Power together, and Gradle adds Kotlin for Android app development.

Microsoft-SAP Partnership Expansion Brings HANA to Azure and Simplifies Office 365 Integration


Microsoft has expanded its partnership with SAP by offering new integration services between SAP and Office 365. It also plans to bring SAP’s HANA, the in-memory database to Azure. The two companies are expected to deliver broader support for HANA on MS Azure so that the businesses can run SAP’s HANA and big data applications while maintaining enterprise-level compliance and security.


Moreover, SAP’s applications such as Ariba, Concur, Fieldglass, and SuccessFactors will be integrated with Office 365 in numerous ways. Businesses will also be able to utilize the Microsoft Intune MDM (mobile device management software to tackle the deployment of custom mobile-friendly applications developed on SAP’s Fiori UX (user experience) design.


The Intune and Fiori integration alongside the new Office 365 integration with SAP apps will be made available in Q3 of this year. Meanwhile, Azure support for Hana is expected to arrive in next three months.


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Apple Releases iOS 9.3.2 To Enable Simultaneous Use Of Night Shift and Low Power Mode


Apple released a key update to iOS 9.3.2. This update is designed to provide users with peace of mind by combining two latest software features of Apple – Night Shift mode of iOS 9.3 and Low-Power mode of iOS 9. The new update also fixes the audio-quality bug issues occurring on some devices.


This is the second update to Apple’s iOS 9.3. Users will now be able to look up dictionary definitions without any problem. For those using the VoiceOver screen reader, the system won’t switch from the Alex voice to another voice to communicate the appearance of space or punctuation marks. The first update resolved the hyperlink bug issue affecting a number of iOS users.


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Gradle Meets Kotlin To Help Developers Automate Builds


Gradle, the popular build system for Android apps, is adding Kotlin language as an option for build automation. Earlier Gradle only supported the Groovy language but now adds Kotlin which can be utilized for scripting and making domain-specific languages.


“The notion behind this is really just to make build programming into a first-class engineering discipline and move it away from its historical legacy,” said Miko Matsumura, Chief Marketing Officer at Gradle. “In the past, typically, this has been done with XML configuration or even with shell scripting. It’s moved up in the world of programming.”


Jetbrain’s new language claim benefits such as speed, engineering quality, and integrated development environment (IDE) support due to its Java lineage. Kotlin can be used for building Gradle plug-ins and also as Dockter notes. Kotlin runs on Java Virtual Machine and is easy to learn.


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