Science Vs Spirituality: The Think Tanker’s Take

15 Oct. 2010 General

Back in time when religion was strong and science weak, men mistook magic for medicine, now when science is strong and religion weak, men mistake medicine for magic! Nevertheless, in this world of mistaken men, we all happen to be a part! For many of us, medicines are synonymous to magic…

The above thoughts triggered the Think Tank team to ponder upon the subject of Science Vs Spirituality – the outcomes? Quite explosive and magical!

As a group of around 15 Think Tankers ruminated over the 2 dimensions, over the course of the 30 mins discussion, it can well be assumed that human beings have an uncontrollable tendency to create distinctions into 2 – in our thoughts, our society, opinions day and night, light and dark, positive and negative, right & wrong, good and evil!! This distinction of what can ideally be an interdependent process restricts us from being able to look at the bigger picture.

We all know that there would be no meaning of day without night, no understanding of good without evil…no concept of right without wrong!

Hence when we talk of science & spirituality, our pre-occupation with our beliefs in Yin & Yang, the hindu concept that Goddess Kali is both the creator & destroyer and many more such beliefs has caused us to assume that there are only two opinions about divine power – you are either religious or you are not!

The identity of ‘God’ came into existence centuries ago with a set purpose. In those times, ‘God’ was a word that described the divine force of the universe. As time passed, the word ‘God’ became a tool used by institutions and individuals seeking power and control. A word that demanded fear & respect – some in the good spirit & some in the corrupt. The word created imaginations and images of heaven and hell..soon it lost its original meaning!

If we take away all of these ‘versions’ we as humans created for ‘God’ the omnipresent force, an all-knowing man in the clouds, what are we left with?

The serene environment/nature, the theory of evolution, the big bang theory, the beginning and the end, the laws of attraction, survival of the fittest, interdependency of a food chain, laws of gravity, animal instincts, a bee on a honeycomb, the birth of a child – love itself! God then translates into the name of these elements. Flowing rivers, migratory birds, the reason why camels have humps and are the ship of the dessert, elephants have trunks and are mammals and insects are not!

If we consider that, God as a spitual force & the theory of evolution developed by scientists, are not two separate fundamentals/concepts but are 2 sides of the same coin and then ask yourself this question: What would a universal force mean to you in your experience? you might just think of it in a ‘spiritual’ realm, however translate it in the scientific realm!

At the deepest and root levels, both science & spirituality have the same end goal. They aspire to answer the questions that we have been asking since ancient civilization. How did we come into being? How life began? Where do we go from here? The constant battle to answer these questions that we think are only of a spiritual/philosophical nature have lead us to great inventions! Great discoveries and formulations of great theories – ALL of which are termed as ‘Science’!

The fact of the matter is that both, science & spirituality are interdependent – overlapping and are mostly in agreement, although not for all of us.

Lets run over a few examples as we did at Think Tank

Decades ago, we would have laughed at ‘power of the mind’, however today, hypnosis is creating waves and is well accepted as a tool to address several issues. We all now believe that what you think determines what will happen to you – success/failure, winning/losing and so on.

Another example would be that of Quantum Mechanics! Something so outwardly and inwardly bizarre! Its theories are less easy to understand and relate to than the epic stories of Mahabharata or Ramayana & why Raavan has 10 heads! Some of its babies are – time travel, parallel universe and the evidence that atoms move! Which would mean that the coffee table in your room turns real because of your observation. Isn’t that weird? It is scientific and hence goes undoubted by a certain society where logic is the cornerstone of spirituality! (ironic & complicated)

Many scientific researches have concluded that there are numerous bizarre & magical/mystical things happening around in the universe. All of these researches have given birth to branches of science that explain these phenomena – one of which is the field of ‘paranormal science’. It is next to impossible to explain these phenomena with the help of philosophy and traditional logic although they are in nature more close to the spiritual realm!

Spare some time over the modern ways of thought projection – is there any difference between high flying scientific theories of explanation backed by logic and the traditional prayers & meditation backed by belief? A deep introspection may lead you to think that they are both synonymous and we merely choose the convenient one when at a crossroad!

In a time where each age throws up a new disease and every decade a new killer emerges to ravage the world’s population – what will you consider as a solution? Will you solely depend on science or will you solely depend on spirituality? Or will you combine the elements of both?

Knowing that your own understanding of the 2 is limited and is entirely dependant on the power of your mind & how much and what your brain can scientifically take in – you will choose. (although it might be against your side – Science or Spirituality)

As great revolutions take place and we take quantum, giant leaps – our experiences in daily life are the prime testament to the power to cause paradigm shifts in our consciousness and an awareness of our existence within the universe.

The Think Tankers came to terms with what Socrates once said: “Wisest is he who knows what he does not know” hence we politely stepped out in awe and wonder – however this time knowing what we don’t know!

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