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SharePoint Mobile Development – Part 1: Define Business Needs and Audience

07 Jan 2014

In 2013, Microsoft SharePoint has improved its enterprise mobility with various new mobile features. However enterprises are slowly adapting the SharePoint route for its workforce. Read below to know about SharePoint Mobile Development and its best practices.

SharePoint Mobile Development Step by Step

Sharing documents and keeping a track of changes and updates in real time is one of the many major technical challenges most enterprises face today. With the latest improvement in smartphone technology and the growing number of employees in organizations, entrepreneurs have started looking for solutions that can be accessed both through desktops and mobile phones.


With increasing number of projects and documentations, the need of sharing within the company and with third parties teams shouldn’t be ignored either. SharePoint mobile development is a software solution that can enable collaboration between individuals, teams and companies.


Features of SharePoint Mobile Development

SharePoint has several significant features but it is important to understand what your customer or end user require from your website or mobile app. More importantly, you need to understand what your client’s business needs are and whether they met through features in existing apps.


  • Feature#1 – Responsive SitesSharePoint software solution allows you to easily create responsive, collaborative website or a mobile app. It permits you to manage enterprise information and data effectively. This solution also promotes collaboration between users and enhances the overall communication within diverse teams.


    SharePoint automates various administrative and business processes, and it also helps in the generation of relevant reports and incorporates procedures that aid in lining up business systems.

  • Feature#2 – Optimized UIThe year 2013 has also brought forward SharePoint mobile development with a more optimized mobile browser experience that is light in weight, and offers three different views – contemporary, classic and full screen UI. This mobile solution implements multiple methods for developing wide range of designs to represent different devices.
  • Feature#3 – Push NotificationAnother strong feature is the push notification; mobile apps developers can develop apps in such a manner that can now send updates directly to smartphones. This solution supports a new geo-location that can be used for mobile application development.


    Presented by Microsoft Office, SharePoint provides awesome interactive experience with documents and allows them to be optimized automatically for smartphones. Overall, by using SharePoint, you can provide complete business value to your team as well as your audience.

Mobile App – Buy or Build Custom App?

It is important for mobile app developers to understand the client’s requirements in terms of technology; for instance, if client uses iPhone, then it is important to weigh the pros and cons of developing application that support Apple technology, or simply buying Apple products supported mobile solution. The cost rises with increase in platforms and complexity with mobile SharePoint solution.


In case, if a native app fulfills the objective and is already available in the market, then building it from a scratch wouldn’t be an intelligent idea; buying such a solution would be the best business solution for you.


In alternative case, if something is not available off the shelf, you need to design and develop a SharePoint Mobile website. The stress laid here is on defining your client’s business needs. If a client needs a quick solution to exchange documents and data, to get updates in real time and to manage business-specific tasks, you might need to build from the scratch.


Most importantly, understand what your audience expects from you. Get surveys done, do competitor research or simply tune into business problems to get a better insight.


These are the first few steps to SharePoint mobile development. In Part II, we will discuss further on SharePoint Mobile Development to gain a better insight. Apart from basic SharePoint mobile application development, we also provide consulting and support for Microsoft SharePoint. For more details, kindly do not hesitate to call us on 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill out the contact form and we will be happy to help you implement SharePoint Mobile App.