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Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Released SharePoint 2016 For Cloud, Phyton 3.6 Alpha Preview Announced, Fable Compiles F# to JavaScript

03 Jun 2016

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft released cloud-based SharePoint 2016, Python 3.6 will move to GitHub, and F# functional programming language comes to JavaScript.

Microsoft Pushes SharePoint 2016 To Cloud


Microsoft has released SharePoint Online a cloud-based team collaboration tool for enterprises who do not want to incur the cost of setting up an IT infrastructure of their own. SharePoint 2016 aimed towards having hybrid capabilities between the on-premise SharePoint and Office 365’s cloud-based SharePoint Online.


Enterprises who are new to SharePoint or make limited use of it will find this collaboration tool for workflow very attractive. It will help them manage their IT professional on the go. The cloud-based SharePoint brings a number of enhancements like support for the latest Microsoft servers, enhanced hybrid operation, improved UI, and compliance improvements.


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Python 3.6 Will Enhance Cryptography And Move To GitHub


Python, the popular scripting language, is set to release its new version 3.6 during Christmas this year. It will come with enhanced readability and cryptography. The project will be moved to GitHub for the contributors to help in the development of the language.


Currently, Python 3.6 is an alpha stage of development. The upcoming release will also have,


  • f-strings – to easily produce well-formatted output based on local variables,
  • fspath – to convert the file names back to strings to use in primitive operations
  • local time disambiguation – for programs to deal better with the time changes in the event of daylight savings time.


GitHub now has a software projects repository. Contributors no longer have to learn tools like Mercurial to contribute to the Python 3.6 development project.

Fable Compiles F# Functional Programming To JavaScript


The Fable compiler offer developers an opportunity to compile the realms of F# functional programming language and JavaScript. Being in a beta stage, Fable leverages F# and utilizes Babel compilers to create source maps. The release of A 1.0 is due soon.


“Fable’s goal is really simple: compile F# to JavaScript,” said Angelo Garcia-Caro, lead developer on the project. “It’s compatible with most of F# core library and some of .Net classes like Regex, DateTime, but doesn’t try to provide you with a set of tools specifically for Web development.” Developers can select an appropriate tool for their use case, he added.


Fable is available through NPM and needs Node.js installation while working with the JavaScript libraries and tools such as Webpack, It directly works with F# source code but doesn’t need compilation to .Net bytecode.


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