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Should Social Institutions take Active Part in Political Arena?

10 Aug 2011

Change is an inevitable element of any system. History teaches us that every time, people felt let down by existing systems beyond the point of their tolerance they have stepped up and raised their concerns. This revolt was sometimes, in the form of Mutiny of 1857, the freedom struggle during the British era or even during the emergency days of 1970’s.

Let us consider the basis for this topic to be raised. There are two elements of this debate. The first one consists of the ‘Social Institutions’ which by and large represent people like you and me, the unorganized citizens of the country. The second one is the more organized and ‘Power-driven’ system of political administration. Ideally, the framework of the constitution was laid considering a civil society and all provisions were made keeping people in mind. The Lokpal, Directive Principles of State Policy, abolition of reservation, Uniform Civil code, etc. were all proposed by the makers of the constitution. They directly and indirectly asked the Political Administration to implement these extremely important rules and procedures as and when the time was suitable for them in the country.

This is where the problem starts. The Political Administration found that the implementation of all such regulatory, governance and ‘social’ measures would lead to increased scrutiny and more accountability on part of the system. With the changing and more informed India, the tolerance levels, challenged for the past 60 years have finally seen a downside.

Social Institutions do not want to take active part in the political arena. If they would have had a similar aspiration, they could have and would have done it in the 64 years of our independence. Desperate situation requires desperate measures. A majority in the house of parliament does not and cannot give veto powers to the ruling political parties to run the country ‘as-they-please’ for the stipulated term. NO SIR!

So, either we change our system to be more transparent, more accountable or more result oriented or else get ready to hear the citizens raise their voice every now and then. This, in fact is a call to every Indian citizen to stand up and be counted in your own way because, we are in a process of rebuilding India. We do, what we feel needs to be done and that is the bottom line, because politics was meant to serve society and not the other way around.

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