Silverlight for Windows Phone 7

17 Jan. 2011 Mobile App

Innovation in the latest mobile technology has opened doors for doing much more than just calling and sending text messages. Today, mobile devices have become a high tech gadget that includes GPS, accelerometer, high resolution cameras and other add-ons which make mobile devices a personal digital assistant. High memory storage capacity of these devices make it easier for a person to store lots of songs, movie clips and other documents which he can use on the go. The introduction of 3G and 4G (yet to be launched) technologies have enabled us to watch videos and download data from the internet at a blazing speed.

How to develop Silverlight for Windows Phone 7?

Seeing the above features of today’s mobile phones the question that arises in our mind is how to develop application for such high-tech mobile phones. Fortunately Microsoft has been investing alot into development of an OS for mobile phones and with its introduction of Windows Phone 7 the development of applications for mobile phones is being seen in a different light. Microsoft has always been known for its user friendliness both to the developers and the End Users. It’s a well known fact that Microsoft .Net is one of the best platforms for developing applications. Now, with the Windows App Development for mobile phones, Microsoft wishes to gain more popularity in this space.

With the introduction of Silverlight, Microsoft opened its doors to the development of Rich Internet Applications which runs on the client machine like a desktop application. The user doesn’t feel at any time that he is using a web application. The further development in Silverlight helped the developers to provide more scalable, fast and feature rich internet application.

Silverlight for Windows Phone 7

Windows phone development can be done with the help of Silverlight 4. With integration of Silverlight toolkit for Windows phone 7 in visual studio .Net IDE, the developer can take full advantage of the .Net framework and Silverlight API for smart-phone application development for Windows phone 7. Rishabh has been working for Windows Mobile development for a while and we the developers at Rishabh can see how easy it is for a developer to develop applications for Windows phone 7 compared to its predecessors. The support for Hardware through the Silverlight API’s makes it really easy for a developer to write code with less number of lines which was not the case with the pervious development tools for Windows mobile.

With the use of XNA Game Studio which is again integrated with visual studio development environment the developer can develop high quality games and graphics which was nearly impossible previously.

Even More with Silverlight 5

Recently Microsoft announced its upcoming version of Silverlight i.e. Silverlight 5. Silverlight 5 extends the features currently available for Windows mobile application development and also gives a bunch of new features which make the development for Windows phone 7 even more easily, consuming less time and saving money.

On the basis of our experience with Windows Mobile Development we are very sure that the features of Silverlight for Windows phone 7 will help it attract more customers by the day.

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