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09 Mar. 2011 Mobile App

My experience using the wonder device and what I see around over the internet has compelled me to put into words, how smartphone devices can affect our day to day life.

I was kid when I saw the movie – “Terminator” featuring the macho man, Arnold Schwarzenegger -man from future, who had a special vision which gave him an insight into any machine, object or living being not to mention personal details of individuals too. It triggered in me a strong desire to possess such gadgets which would untap the world of information.

smartphone devices
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Something that used to be quite a search, today, has become as easy as a click away. This has become possible with the whole new world of gadgets like iPhone, android phones and technologies like Google goggles, layar, wikitude, Junaio. These innovations have practically brought information into our hands! The concept and technology behind these innovation is called Augmented Reality.

In the near future, it is likely that tourist guides will become obsolete and during your travel, the hotel or airlines will give you a range of mobile applications that will guide your tour! Going to new places with your smartphone devices, will give you an access to all detailed information about roads, landmarks, restaurants, best offers based on locations and much more. Maybe something as crazy and interesting as a ‘sign board translator’ may be available on your smartphone devices. If you see a sign board in foreign language you will be able to point your camera device and the application translates it in your preferred language!

Techno restaurants offering an iPad or galaxy tab or android tab or a blackberry tab to place an order from a menu will not be a surprise very soon! The menu item will also give you all information about the dish you order along with the recipe, ingredients and calorie count. Recently, in Mumbai (India) restaurants have started using such gadgets as menus.

Stress busters will no longer be a sponge ball but an smartphone devices application where you can take a picture of your boss and hit him till you knock him out.

We are already in a world where our shopping experience has now changed from buying an item at the store and comparing the same item at nearby stores. Apps for Smartphone devices make life so much easier by giving you an easy access to the world and perform various activities which consume hours traditionally in areas like Healthcare, Education, Defense, Science and Engineering.

We are progressing towards a world where the virtual world will take over the physical world and that will make a difference to our lives!

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