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23 Dec. 2010 Enterprise Tech News

Since the inception of Internet, companies have had their presence on the web.  Their websites became a medium for them to reach out to a larger mass, displaying their capabilities, resources and possible benefits to their potential customers. Initially, it started with having a static website focusing on what the company is about and how their services could benefit their customers. Later it evolved  into a more interactive and flashy platform focusing more on user experience to make the visitors spend more time on their website. The main idea behind this was basically to generate leads and create your brand’s presence on web.

Social Networking

But now, things have changed. Having only a standalone website doesn’t solve this purpose. You need to make sure that wherever your potential customer goes, they see your brand – they find your company. It could be anything, a tweet, a Facebook update on your brands page, an update by any of your employee on LinkedIn or could be even photographs of latest events at the company. It is important to cope with change and leverage available tools to increase your brands visibility.

One might wonder, what exactly is Social Networking ?

I would like to put it as-  connecting beyond boundaries.

It could be your friends, colleagues, prospects, clients and ex-clients as well! You never know someone you are following or is on your network could be a potential client. Hence, it becomes absolutely essential to have a presence on the major social networks.

Social Networking
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How to use Social Networking?

There are many social networking platforms one can utilize to increase the brands visibility; for example, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Xing, Ecademy, Viadeo etc. It’s not important to have a presence on all of these platforms.

First you need to analyze your target audience and the chance of finding them on these platforms. Once you have some data about this, you can go and build your individual as well as company profile on those platforms and invite them to join/follow your profile. This will help you create your network and reach out to them through your postings on latest updates about yourself, your company, latest news, trends and innovations. Slowly and steadily this will help you grow your network and reach out to a larger audience; which eventually will get you connected to potential customers.

Remember, things have changed. It’s not about being a typical sales guy, it’s all about building relations now. Build relationship, business will come naturally.


  • Increase your network
  • Create and leverage your Brand
  • Create and maintain relations
  • Online Reputation
  • Low cost Viral Marketing
  • Increase awareness
  • Staying in touch

So what are you waiting for?? Go, Explore and create your profile on any of the social network platforms and see the magic. It happened for me and will work for you. Wish you all success.

Happy Networking!

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