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Software Testing in 2013 – Its Benefits

09 Jul 2013

Software testing has many benefits. In order to ensure that the application works as its intended to, there are several software testing procedures that need to implemented before deployment. We’ll be discussing the benefits of these software testing procedures below.


Enterprises put in a lot of effort while developing and deploying any software application. However, the responsibilities of a company offering you the service of developing software based on your requirement, does not end here.



The company needs to ensure that the software or application developed is working in accordance with your requirement. A thorough check of the application needs to be done before the deployment though.


Mentioned below are the different types of software testing and their benefits:


1. General testing

A general test of the newly developed software is carried out, which helps in ensuring that the software or application functions properly. The two common types of testing carried out under general testing of a newly developed software or application are web performance and usability testing. The former evaluates the online performance of a web-based software or application. The usability test evaluates the capability of the software or application of being utilized in any given circumstance.


2. Load testing

During load testing, the software is made to run through simulated high/normal load, which helps in gauging the effect of such fluctuations on your newly developed software or application. Load testing evaluates the operational capabilities of your software, in case of both normal as well as high load conditions.


3. Functional testing

Functional testing is a type of black-box testing carried out on the software or application. This test is generally based on the specifications of the software components that are being tested. The major steps followed in this type of software testing include:

  • Identification of the functions your software is supposed to perform
  • Creation of the input data based on the specifications of the functions that are identified
  • Determining output based on these functions
  • Execution of the test scenario
  • Comparing the output data with the expected data


As expected year 2013 is witnessing a boom in the technology industry, which will also bring forth new testing methods with added software testing advantages. The software or applications developed will be put through rigorous tests than those already existing, which will only prove beneficial for clients.


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