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Sports – A Great Leveler

13 Jul 2011

Ever thought of what sport meant to mankind! I think, sport at different stages of life means different things to people. As a child, sport is an enjoyment, as a youngster it is a means to prove supremacy over others, as a young-adult  it is a sheer waste of time or a leisure activity, as an adult it is a means for exercise and keeping oneself fit, as an old aged individual, sport remains a glorious reminder of the past. Through all these phases one thing remains common. The fact that, in one way or the other, sport is an indispensible part of life.

Sport is the one great leveler in a country as diversified as India. We have people from the Royal family in Saurav Ganguly representing the nation and also talented people like Vijender Singh from small towns like Bhivani making the country proud. For school going children belonging to completely different cadres of society, sports act as the level playing field. It opens the doors of glory to them, makes them understand what success is all about, perhaps the first lessons of life in terms of endurance, efforts, success, despair, agony and most importantly passion come from these level playing arenas.

A careful look down the memory lane of your life will help you relate your current personality with the type and manner in which you played sports back in the good old days (and I hope you still do …) Personality is a bigger subset, being influenced by not only sport, but other dimensions of life. But our outlook towards sport defines the traits of adaptation to circumstances, ingenuousness and honesty.

Drawing parallels has never been the essence of sports. It has always been a race to set new benchmarks, new benchmark as an individual or as a team. Life is no different!

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