Enterprise Tech News: SQL Server 2016 to Have Hybrid Cloud Features, iOS 9.3 With Enhanced MDM Features, Google Updates Cloud Trace

04 Mar. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft including hybrid cloud capabilities in SQL Server 2016, iOS 9.3 to help enterprises manage employee mobile devices and Google updates its Cloud app tracing tool.

Microsoft Adds Hybrid Cloud Features to SQL Server 2016 Preview

Microsoft's SQL Server 2016 - Stretch Database Service

Microsoft continues its focus on empowering enterprises with hybrid cloud tools. The company will offer new features to allow companies to expand and stretch their on premise database tables to the Azure storage service. The new feature will also let apps access data across both the environments.

Microsoft’s SQL Server Stretch Database Service and the first release candidate beta of SQL Server 2016 will be launched together. Through this flexibility, enterprises will be able to save money and also use the more expensive on premise resources for specific data while being able to store it for a long time. For instance, retailers who want to maintain years of customer order data but don’t want to store of all of it on premise, will benefit from the SQL Server Stretch Database Service.

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iOS 9.3 to improve Enterprise Mobile Device Management

Apple iOS 9.3 to be released with better MDM features

Apple is busy ramping up the mobile device management (MDM) features that will let organizations dictate internal iOS device use by employees.

The upcoming iOS 9.3 will give companies more control over all mobile devices handed out to employees. Employers will be able to manage home screen layouts, maintain notification settings and even blacklist applications. These new MDM features were announced in the organization’s latest Configuration Profile Reference materials for iOS developers. According to Apple Insider, “With the option in force, apps can’t be rearranged, for example allowing a company to ensure that apps it wants workers to use can’t be moved into a folder or a different page.”

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Google Updates Cloud Trace Application Debugging Tool for Enterprises

Google Cloud Trace Application Debugging Tool

Google has added new features to Cloud Trace – its cloud application debugging tool. These updates will assist businesses in troubleshooting and reducing performance issues more efficiently.

Some of the major updates are an optimized user interface, automatic performance analysis function, and a latency detection capability. All these improvements will give developers a single, cohesive view of all metrics related with app performance. According to Sharat Shroff, Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform, “thousands of developers have been using the service to improve their applications’ performance. We’re adding more features and functionality, based on feedback from our beta users.”

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