Sustainable Gain and Change Management

15 Jun. 2011 General

Don’t doubt on People about their capability to drive innovation. Only needs to support and help People to stay focused ahead of the competition, lower operational costs, improve client relationship and customer satisfaction. Focusing and driving the above, the sustainable improvement and change initiatives that works straight away ensure your business are in the 30 % of winners circle.

However studies also show that there is a dip in productivity & outputs in the early stages of implementing a change programme, or organisation development HR suggestions etc ….  Looking at the reasons, the most frequently claimed barrier to change is “lack of ownership”, engagement and support at senior levels.

I can understand that in today’s corporate enviourment, leading by example is so powerful when it applicable to the senior management people.  Today senior leaders are failed to understand the power of leading by example and becoming the change they wish to see in others. Change today is seen as a process done by others, to satisfy measures that often drive behaviours detrimental to the effectiveness and sustainability of change.

Four basic conditions are necessary before employees will change their behaviour.

  1. Role Modelling – Because people must see role model associates within the organisation.
  2. Capability Building – Because people must have the skills required to make the desired changes.
  3. Reinforcing Mechanisms – Because people must realise the systems, processes, and incentives must be in line with the new behaviour.
  4. A compelling story – Because people must see the point of the change and should agree with it.

So the old thought process on ideal implementation of change management process / initiatives “Plan – Do – Check – Act” been now replaced with new thought of  “Believe – Think – Feel – Act” continuous process. Ideally & finally people should have feel of all the change effectiveness! At this stage, we can say as it is the success of our leadership team and HR.

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