Switching On Your Positive Approach Toward Negativity

27 Apr. 2011 General

You find them almost everywhere, you find them crib in and out of the day. They either don’t like their jobs, their work, the atmospheric temperature, their bosses are always wrong and treat them unfairly or life in general is a stress bubble waiting to burst. I’m sure this is not new to hear and you will nod your head in agreement as you read this.

Everyone knows these wet blankets and every organization has them – its just plain human nature and you can best reduce the impact of their negativity by ignoring and avoiding.

Having said that, there could be times when usually positive people are negative and they have valid reasons to spill their negativity. Avoiding and ignoring this set of people is not what you can or would rather want to do. Ignoring this group would mean, allowing the negativity to stay and maybe grow.

But how do you go about addressing as well as combating this negativity with a positive approach?

Practice active listening – Sometimes you just need to be a sounding board for your co-worker to express and release his/her complaints. Just simply listening helps and provides comfort. They do not want your expert advice and opinion, they just want an outlet. Having said that, set your limits to listening so that your co-worker does not take your patience for granted. Constant complaining takes away your energy and positivity. Put your foot down and move on to something refreshing

Reason out with your co-worker to decide whether the complaints are valid. If you think they are, direct them to the person who can actually resolve their complains. Just a simple advice setting your co-worker in the positive direction is a good idea, however your job is not to give any long term advice and provide for counseling or career advice. At the most, you could have them meet the HR. Always know your limits while in such situations

On the other hand, if you believe your co-worker’s complains are not legitimate, be honest and put on your courageous front to tell him/her that you would love to empathize, however you do not agree with what you hear.

Having the right intentions has never harmed anyone. However much your relationship with your co-workers drives you to be considerate, your duty ends at channelizing the individual to positivity.

The character and personality you reflect in your interactions eventually permeates into your workplace. The more positivity you spread, the happier your workplace will be.

The happier YOU will be in all walks of life!

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