TGIF – Thank God Its Friday

07 Oct. 2010 General

An expression we all shout out to mark the excitement, that the end of a work week brings in! We thought of going beyond just the normal ‘weekend glory’ and created some more reasons for us to say “Thank God Its Friday”. Keeping this thought in our minds we bring you two Exciting Events

  • TGIF Activites Every Friday
  • TGIF Newsletter on the last friday of every month.

A poll among the Rishabhites was conducted to reach a consensus with a name for our TGIF activities mascot. The clear winner by the end of the day was “FRIDO” with a majority of 52% votes. To bring the TGIF activities your way, we introduce to you our mascot – FRIDO.

Copy of Frido

TGIF has been received with great enthusiasm and has succeeded in its cause for entertaining the Rishabhites. It’s great to have a break from work and get some time to relax and participate in exciting activities which keep you going… With the list of activites we have going through like – Scribble pads, Jukebox, Bulls Eye etc, TGIF has surely won the hearts of many Rishabhites.

TGIF Activities

Sugar Cubes – An opportunity for you to share your appreciation, good thoughts, admiration, compliments and all the good things you want to share about any of your team mate! That’s why we call it Sugar Cubes! Give as many sugar cubes to your team member… We will be putting up charts in your rooms where you can go and share your SUGAR CUBES!

Friday Juke Box! – Mr. Robin Sharma’s “Who will cry, When you die” rightly says in his chapter – Listen to music daily for an hour! Well an hour daily is a long shot, however we can definitely make it an hour today, cause its ‘Thank God its Friday’!!!! – We played songs requested by Rishabhites. Songs that they like, songs that they wanted to dedicate.

Box Office @ RSPL! – Showtime!!! Remembering the old times and all that we cherished on the television – TGIF screened an episode of ‘Malgudi Days’ that was played back-to-back in showtimings. TGIF was highly appreciated with this lively activity that got everyone reminiscing the yester years.

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