The Big Picture!

22 Nov. 2010 General

There is this constant buzz about seeing ‘The Big Picture’ created by professionals (read managers / leaders) across the globe! The term originated in the management world and emerged from the school of thought that poetically said, “Reach for the stars & you might strike the sky.” Then there is this other school of thought that asks one, to never ignore the minute details while going toward a bigger picture!

So what really is this ‘the big picture’? And how does one see it? Is it an enlarged image of the blueprint of our goal? Is it a bigger goal? Is it a way of thought projection? Does one need special eyes to see it or is it an ability of our mind to go beyond?

In my experience, I have come to understand that, we have the best educated work-force and we expect that the skills we learned through education will also help us understand how to put them to use at the workplace. However it is the experience at work that often creates the atmosphere that breeds the ability an understanding to implement. Everything is not taught in a school or college!

So when we have a project at hand with a team of highly educated workforce, the boss, while discussing the project objectives will tell his team, “Great! Lets look at the big picture and that should help us achieve our goal.”

What does he mean here? Although many of the team members will agree that they understand, they might actually be at conflict with thoughts!

I happened to ponder upon the phrase and take a look at it from two different perspectives. One, from that of the boss’s perspective who often times asks us to look at the bigger picture and two, from that of the employee’s perspective who is at the receiving end of that ‘advice.’

Being an individual from the training fraternity, it gives me kicks when I approach a question like that and twist it around to see how a matter like this can be taught or made to understand.

At this stage I realize that it becomes necessary for managers to teach their teams the skills that will help them succeed at work. Those skills that have no name, however, the results of which, if implemented are abundant but intangible!

As old story prompted me to narrate this realization and will probably support all those managers who use the phrase ‘look at the big picture’

There were 2 masons working together when someone asked them what they were doing. One of them said, “I am cutting stone” the other mason replied, “I am building a huge mansion.”

Mason 2 sees the big picture here and I’m sure cuts his stone well because he sees how cutting stone intricately, will contribute to building a mansion that stands tall – That’s the big picture here.

A good leader asking his team to look at the big picture understands what this mansion is and sees it even before it is made. And an even better one teaches & helps his team understand and see it too…

So you can do what most leaders do, and fret about how your people are unprepared to join the productive and creative workforce, or you can accept the fact that it’s your duty to guide your people to see the big picture with you!

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