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Native vs HTML5 vs Hybrid App Development- Comparison

22 May 2013

Technology has opened up a world of exciting apps and utilities for the user. The mobile app development industry is growing at an unrivalled pace. The use of HTML5 apps has increased exponentially in recent times. But there have been issues that still need to be addressed such as the operation and acceptance of HTML5 apps. This is where native and hybrid apps come into the picture.


Several IT discussion boards debate about what is better, Native apps or HTML 5 or hybrid apps? Surrounding this topic are some myths and misconceptions that form a cobweb and need to be cleared in order to get a better understanding about the future of mobile apps. Let us first know about the types of apps before we clear the myths surrounding them.


HTML5 web apps are the clear winner at the moment. They have eased the creation of feature-rich applications that can be remotely upgraded. They have clearly bridged the gap between websites and mobile applications.


Native apps are those that can run remotely on a mobile device and usually don’t need any Internet connectivity. But when compared to HTML5 apps, Native apps are expensive and offer no flexibility as a native app needs to be developed differently for different platforms.


Lastly there are Hybrid apps that are a mixture of native apps and web apps. And because of the versatility and flexibility that the hybrid apps have on offer, it is estimated that the future of mobile apps is hybrid apps.


Now let’s start with clearing some of these webs surrounding mobile app development.


Hybrid apps? What are they?

There are a couple of myths that are taking rounds on the market. One of them is that there are only two types of apps available on the market, one is HTML5 apps and the other one is native apps but the fact is that apart from these, there are multi platform mobile apps too. With the potential of Hybrid apps being realized overtime, multi-platform app development might just become the top choice in the mobile industry.


HTML5 apps or not?

Another misconception that many companies have is that HTML5 will be compatible on all platforms or devices but this is not true as it varies from mobile platform to platform and browser to browser. Also HTML5 doesn’t offer Digital Rights Management which is required for multimedia services. So if you are thinking of launching a media app, it might be a bad idea to go for HTML5.


Native apps or not?

In a scenario, where cost is not a concern, native apps may be a good idea. Since these apps, don’t require internet connection, most internet-based apps such as news, bookings, weather, sharing, collaboration etc. are out of question. This leaves a very limited scope of options to choose from.


The best technology

There are many myths related to the best technology too. The truth is there is no best technology as it changes before you can blink your eye. Instead of using the best technology, it is advisable to use tried and tested, standardized technologies, which can be a safe bet right now for most mobile application development companies.


And hence, if you’re going for HTLM5 apps or any other app for that matter, it is advised to keep your thinking caps on. You need to do a thorough analysis and research so that you can give your users the best possible experience.


Do you need help deciding whether to develop a HTML5, Native or Hybrid App? We’ll help you decide based on your target audience. You can also have a look at a comparison between PhoneGap or Native app development to find out which will be best for developing your next enterprise app.



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