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The Importance of Celebrations

27 Jul 2011

Have you ever celebrated monthly anniversary of your dog or a weekly anniversary of your first promotion or a job?  Sounds crazy, yeah? Precisely! It’s the crazy nature of the word ‘Celebrations’ that keeps the ball rolling on the debate on when and what to celebrate, or sometimes, how and why to celebrate.

The decision is very subjective in nature. The age-old rationale (and ritual) that we only celebrate for some remarkable or noteworthy achievements is being challenged in and around us. In a world driven so much by the sense of ‘Success’ and drives to achieve, the mere fact of taking a pause and enjoying whatever you’ve achieved during the journey goes out of the window.

But, I contest this notion. Even a break over a plate of Bhajiyas or few sips of tea or for that matter a round of cold drinks recapitulating whatever you (as a team or family or friends) have done in the recent past acts as an unbelievable energizer. It may not matter to you as you start practicing it. But, as you make a habit out of it, you realize you slowly start something really significant. You actually start valuing yourself.

Let’s face it, we all like and love to be appreciated for our efforts. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in it. Probably that’s the thing that separates us from the creatures working in circus (coz, life at the end of the day is a circus, ain’t it?) By celebrating small milestones in your life, you no longer wait for appreciation from others to gee you up. A presentation well received, a document submitted that did not receive any rework, a week of regular 9:30 am logins, a day without any grudges for anyone, an escape from a potential accident or a flee from quarrel with someone are some silly, yet prudent ways I could identify for celebrations at this point in time.

Think about it! Why to restrict our celebrations to anniversaries, big achievements or wonders. Life never gives us a second chance at anything and you did SOME work or activity in that past moment of time. So, why not spend few minutes relaxing and taming the greedy creature within who always will want more. As they say, “It ain’t over till it’s over. But who decides that its over?”

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