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The iOS 7: An Enterprise OS On The Rise

11 Sep 2013

Apple’s iOS 7 has brought along a lot of enterprise centric features, increasing the interest of entrepreneurs to a great extent.


Apple announced the launch of its new OS- iOS7 along with the release of iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S in an event in Cupertino, California. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, stated that “iOS 7 would quickly become the world’s most popular operating system”. However, contrary to this hopeful prediction, the company barley spent 15 minutes talking about the newly launched OS, which will be available for download starting 18th September.


Apple has introduced many behind the scenes enterprise friendly features to iOS 7. In any case iOS has been considered fairly secure in comparison to the other OS in the market. The tech giant has taken steps to further enhance its security features by providing tools to Mobile Device Management (MDM) vendors to fill in the gaps.


However, note that the enterprise features in the iOS 7 can only be used with an MDM agent. Some of the features in iOS 7 that makes it more enterprise centric are its beefed up security, better balance between corporate and personal data, single sign-on and precise app management with MDM tools.


What makes the newly launched OS even more enterprise friendly are features such as easy licensing, expected major selling of iPhone 5C and biometric authentication in iPhone 5S. SAP has announced its commitment to support its customers running the latest mobile OS from Apple with SAP Mobile Secure solutions, SAP Mobile Platform and mobile apps from SAP. This will be a major benefit for SAP customers who are looking forward to adopting corporate security requirements such as the single sign-on, per app VPN and app configuration.


Experts believe that Apple, by enhancing the enterprise friendly features in its new OS, has taken steps towards expanding its already formidable position in the enterprise world. The iOS 7 is considered to be biggest upgrade since its debut release and promises better outcomes for enterprise developers and IT managers.