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The Scope of Gaming Industry in India

12 Aug 2011

The various modes of entertainment in India have always been watching movies, TV, listening music etc. The culture of gaming never existed in India.  It is now that we see, that a potential market for games has emerged.  This emergence can be attributed to the new generation which is not only acquainted but also equipped with digital media. More than 50 percent of the newer generation belong to the age group below 25 to 30, which makes it even more rife for gaming.  Once the gaming industry in India completely develops, it will grow to be one of the best markets in the world.

It is forecasted that the gaming industry will generate great opportunities for game developers over the next two years.  The gaming industry has grown its presence over various platforms – mobile, console, PC, online gaming and the industry is growing really fast along with the presence on all these platforms.  Most of the other sectors stick to only one platform and then move to the another, once they have established their presence on the same.  However the ‘Gaming Industry’ has a different story to tell.

Outsourcing to India has become a growing trend for providing various services to the global market.  Perhaps, the gaming business is where Hollywood was about 30 years ago. Following suit of Hollywood, the gaming industry is moving away from doing everything at a single location. The gaming service industries have adapted to a more distribution oriented model of development which makes the business grow exponentially. This is what is creating ample of opportunities for the companies here.  In the NASSCOM 2008 study, the research states that the gaming industry in India achieved a value at $212 million, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 50 percent in 2012 to reach $1060 million.

Most companies in India are doing their homework in order to prepare themselves for the future.  Businesses can achieve their dreams in the gaming industry but it’s not easy; they have to overcome various challenges.  Creating a gaming application is not about only coding; it needs creativity and diverse skilled resources to develop the application.  The biggest challenge that companies face today is bringing together a strong team with the right skill-set to develop a rock-solid product. Increase in the use of internet and the consumption of digital content over various devices, are some of the reasons that would give significant growth to the gaming industry in India.

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