The ultimate definition of Focus!

03 Nov. 2010 General

If you ask me the definition of focus, my answer will be “Follow One Course until Successful”. In other words FOCUS is essential in every one’s life. In my entire experience of handling HR teams at corporates, I have often observed professionals considering themselves to be inefficient. They criticize themselves for being disorganized, however failing to locate what is wrong. Many people including me have serious aims, dreams and ambitions which we want to accomplish. But often times our thought process does not allow us to progress in the right direction i.e. we are constantly in the “ I will do this when that happens” mode.

It is important to understand why we are here and how we visualize our destination or manage our journey to the destination. We have to be organised by mind first followed by a flair for organizing. The problem is we already have a focusing mechanism in place which might be causing more harm than help. We have to unlearn our old focusing habits and re – learn new positive thinking methods. We can see lot of successful people in their profession and life because they completely focus on their success. So please check “Where are you focusing?”

Focus will be successful if we live the event of life completely by understanding the purpose of LIFE. Set Goals that will lead you to have a balanced life.

All leaders have a one strong opinion “Be Focused, Be Successful”.

Time is one critical factor always pushing me to stay focused. I have developed solutions by looking at my failures and learning from the mistakes. Also, I have developed over a period of time maintaining a “not to do list” strictly.

Cultivate the ‘Do it right now” versus the “Note it now & do it later” approach.

I wish you all great success with the supremacy of focus in this beautiful event called LIFE.

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