The World of Desktop Virtualization

14 Mar. 2011 Enterprise Tech News

Virtualization – as the word goes is the cybernet-ifying or simulation of applications, servers, hardware and software.

In majority of the IT companies and businesses, there is an assembly of desktops and computers that maybe optimized, however, underutilized to a great extent. Companies are now focused toward making optimum use of their IT infrastructure while also reducing cost.

Considering the above while in an era of fingertip access, cost effective and speedy solutions, virtualization comes as an accelerator. IT support teams are now shifting focus toward this technology with greater investment in ‘desktop virtualization’

Desktop virtualization brings together the capabilities and properties of multiple desktops to a single server. The distribution of access to data, applications etc. to remote devices like smart-phones, notebooks brings with it many critical benefits such as disaster recovery and management, data security and easy availability of services. Not to mention a high competitive advantage.

Having said the above, let’s take a closer look at some vital solutions that Desktop Virtualization can bring to IT services across the globe

Desktop Management & Maintenance made easy

Since Desktop Virtualization consolidates numerous machines on 1 server, it simplifies the task of IT support in terms of installations, deployments etc., leading to faster turn-around and response time in servicing clients. Tasks like upgrades, software installations; antivirus updates etc. can be done from a central location, cutting out extra effort spent by IT support teams in running periodic maintenance and repairs which require individual attendance and can consume weeks to even months.

The Cost Advantage of Desktop Virtualization

One of the prime objectives of businesses is to rip cost. Desktop Virtualization acts as a great catalyst in doing so. It slashes the requirement of purchasing additional software & hardware components that is called for when businesses get into employee expansion and replenishing of their IT infrastructure. The cutting off of these procurements eventually also leads to energy saving!

The significant drop in cost with respect to procurement and energy makes for a great value proposition for businesses.

‘The Security Bug’

The security bug had bitten the industry ages ago and is here to stay. Not only here to stay, but also is a critical factor in building trust among business partners and clients. Data and network security are one of the most critical risks faced by businesses almost daily. This is more so in case of those businesses which operate in mobile offices or have shared access to data with their clients.

Since Desktop Virtualization fuses the data resources on 1 server, it shields businesses from data risk and protects them from any potential compromise. It calls for a data theft contingency plan and stringent policies for secure login credentials etc.

In conclusion, instituting a Virtualization environment and infrastructure provides for extremely high value propositions and a competitive edge to firms. It establishes efficient and effective IT infrastructure management thereby improving productivity, security and also serves the prime goal of cost reduction.

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