The Z-Axis : Create your own dimension for Self-Development

08 Oct. 2010 General

In an age where ‘Contemporary’ is the name of the game. It is imperative for professionals, both Global and Local to think beyond… Think beyond the virtues of work, values, ethics and life as a whole. It’s about time we all think of new dimensions to grow, new dimensions to ponder upon and most importantly new dimensions to stand up and be counted. I say, stand up and be counted, because, the time is rife that we realize that competing is no longer the virtue of the game.

The new mantra for success is creating your own space and making others follow suite. History stands as a point of reference that never in the long standing account of documented evidences, people have idolized the followers, people venerate the leaders. The shortest way to become a leader in current world is to create your own domain… a space where others aspire to follow.

Let’s analyze the way we all see our profession, relationships, society and life. If someone is asked about the success rate or measure in any field, the prompt answer is on either the X-axis or the Y-axis. To make it simple, we either compare ourselves with respect to others, I call it a Y-axis comparison or we compare our respective position vis-à-vis time in life, what I call an X-axis comparison. In the forthcoming time, I believe, in order to grow (mind you, I say ‘Grow’ and not ‘sustain’) human beings would need to add a third axis to their introspection. The effervescent Z-Axis!

The parameters of this Z-axis would vary for individuals and would be defined by themselves. Z-axis is a dynamic point of reference which needs high degree of elevation, not only of the mind, but also of the soul. It not only needs a clear vision but also a carefully crafted path. The tranquility of mind with the unruffled vigor soul (usually, people see it the other way around). The challenge here is to be undeterred by the attractions and distractions of the X and Y axes, to carve out your way and take ownership of your acts in all circles of life.

The onus is on you! If you want to create your own destiny, independent of others, independent of what has happened in the past… define the Z-axis and work towards it. Monitor your circles of life and most importantly open the avenues for new thoughts breaking the traditional mindset, because tomorrow will never look at today or yesterday… it will always define you by the way you look at it! What’s more, you take care of the Z-axis… X and Y would follow suite…

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