Think Tank: The Knowledge Sharing Group at Rishabh Software

05 Oct. 2010 General

Think Tank: Knowledge sharing in an interactive way!

Think Tank, a knowledge sharing group at Rishabh Software, was initiated by few volunteers for simplifying and understanding the basics of current trends, happenings, buzz words in social and corporate circles across the globe. Proof in point, Think Tank has successfully witnessed over 10 gatherings addressing as many diverse topics from as many fields.

The following is a brief account of sessions conducted by Think Tank in the month of July:

Colors: A new concept of corporate excellence for all employees of an organization. The various functions and activities of the organization are broadly categorized into development areas like personal, quality improvement, organizational growth, process improvement, environmental, etc. and each is assigned a specific color. The employees are given a choice to align themselves with one or more color and contribute to developing that sector of the organization.

Emotional Intelligence: The ability to acquire and apply knowledge derived from emotions of oneself, of others and of groups. It is a gamut covering vital, yet unattended aspects of human psychology. This skill enables you to use emotions in a better way to control yourself and more importantly your impact on others.

Enterprise 2.0: A unique concept adopted by progressive organizations across the globe, E2.0 is a combination of intranet and external internet. E2.0 leverages information spread across the globe on the internet through blogs, articles, papers, etc for specific departments of the company. A new generation of intelligence pegged to change the way corporates work across the globe.

EduSat: The launch of PSLV c15 and the satellites it carried with itself was celebrated in our discussion forum. We hailed the inclusion of EduSat, (an Educational Satellite made by students of engineering colleges from Bangalore and Hyderabad) by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in their recent space extravaganza. We also dissected and analyzed the inherent message ISRO and India sent to the globe by this bold, yet confident move.

UIDAI: The Unique Identification Authority of India is a project body, in-charge of the ambitious project launched by government of India for granting a Unique Identification Number to all its citizens above 18 years of age. Think Tank discussed the pros and cons of the UIDAI in its present form and the future challenges and opportunities for the project.

From a modest beginning couple of months back, Think Tank is slowly but surely poised to grow at a faster rate and achieve its goal of ‘Knowledge Sharing in an interactive way’.

Keep tuning into the site for updates on the Think Tank! The journey of knowledge has just begun at Think Tank and we are optimistic about a potent future ahead.

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