Vision for India 2011

27 Jan. 2011 General

2011 marks the start of a new decade in human quest for excellence. Not surprisingly, most of us are buoyant about our prospects and future. Our levels of optimism are extrapolating gathering momentum from our mini-achievements on its way to the north. Let me generalize the statements made above for all Indians in particular and India as a whole. There’s an air of excitement built and building in and around India. Not that it was ever tried in the past, but the difference this time is that the world is acknowledging it… quite vociferously!

So, is this the time we go completely overboard and bask in our glory? Not exactly! 2011 is the year when we set our agenda… we set our goals… we define whom we want with us and whom we don’t… we inculcate habits… we set our north star… and most importantly we start living vision 2020! Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam announced and pronounced his Vision for India 2020 in early 2000; back then, he found few takers, few admirers and few cynics. Today, we all are in sync with him!

Setting up a vision for each and every section of our nation is of paramount importance. This vision will propel us to strive towards glory. India is not only setting its eyes on being a Global Super power, it is destined to redefine the meaning of the word ‘Super Power’. The vision is not to dominate the world, but to cohere! In a world where every country is trying to dictate terms to every other, India is the ‘Go To…’ country of the world. A country to whom Israel looks as an ally and Palestine looks as a supporter. Russia feels India is a natural friend and USA? Well, you know it all… probably; USA feels India is a Job-Provider, the next-biggest employer.

With these expectations, arrive great responsibilities! Hence, I say, 2011 is a pivotal point in India’s history. The importance of setting up a vision cannot be undermined in any which way possible. Though the vision for India will be laid by the top offices in the country, its equally imperative for us… all of us to fall in line and that too swiftly! We have already ‘invested’ 60 years in making this republic see the light of this day and now is the time to make each day… each month… each year and each decade count… big time!

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