Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft’s Releases Visual Studio Code 1.2, Google Announced TensorFlow 0.9 With iOS Support, Xamarin Studio 6.0 Available For Developers Now

10 Jun. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft releases Visual Studio Code new version with integrated terminals, Google opens up TensorFlow support for iOS, and Xamarin Studio 6.0 is now available for download.

Microsoft Releases Visual Studio Code 1.2 Coupled With Integrated Terminal

Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 1.2

Microsoft releases version 1.2 of Visual Studio which is its open-source and free text editor. The latest version includes the most requested feature – tabs. The company focused on managing stacks of the open editor. The tabs are implemented by using the concept of the open editors and panes.

Visual Studio 1.2 also includes the second most requested feature: an integrated terminal. The terminal is right inside the editor so you no longer have to switch apps for getting the command line on your machine. Further, this stable release enables working with extensions to the software from command line.

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Google’s New TensorFlow Machine Learning Software Supports iOS

Google's New TensorFlow 0.9 With iOS Support

Google recently published the latest version of its TensorFlow machine learning software. The new version 0.9 adds support for iOS which is available on GitHub. TensorFlow 0.9 comes with support for Python 3.5 binaries along with support for processing on GPUs on MacOS.

The company supposes TensorFlor 0.9 will run on anything from a mobile device or a single CPU system up to a data center. It has even asked the developers to develop a simplified wrapper and interface generator (SWIG) interfaces for platforms like Java, Go, Javascript, Lua, and R.

Xamarin Studio 6.0 Is Now Generally Available For Developers

Xamarin Studio 6.0 Now For Developers

The latest edition of Xamarin Studio is now generally available for the developers. Xamarin studio 6.0 comes with various new enhancements and features. It is now based on Roslyn, a Microsoft open-source .NET compiler. The released version features a revamped project model which includes a deeper integration with MSbuild.

Xamarin Studio also gets a new look, a more modern style, and a dark theme. It also includes F# Enhancements, NuGet, 64bit build on Mac, Android and iOS Designer, ASP.NET, Insights, Debugger, and other enhancements and bug fixes.

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