Enterprise Tech News: Visual Studio Productivity Tools Open-Sourced, Apple Released Xcode 7.3, Feathers 2.0 Javascript Framework Announced

25 Mar. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft open-sources Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools, Apple releases Xcode 7.3 With iOS 9.3 and watchOS 2.2, and ‘Minimalist’ JS Framework Feather 2.0 is ready for its launch.

Microsoft Open-Sources Productivity Tools For Developers

Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools Extension

Microsoft has open-sourced its Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools which are now available on Github. The tools were first released in 2010 and serve as extensions to improve developer productivity.

The open-sourced tools include the following:

  • Aligning assignments
  • Copy as HTML puts raw HTML on a clipboard in plain text format
  • Fix Mixed Tabs warns when a file has both tabs and spaces
  • Ctrl+Click Go to Definition for clickable hyperlinks to symbols in code
  • Match Margin highlights the textual matches of token in an Editor

Microsoft joined the Eclipse Foundation for open-source tooling earlier this month. It also plans to open-source other Productivity Power extensions in future. Further, it offered ChakraCore, the core of JavaScript engine, and .Net Core framework through open-source.

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Apple Releases Xcode 7.3 With Swift 2.2, SDKs for iOS 9.3 and WatchOS 2.2

Apple Xcode 7.3 IDE with Swift 2.2

Apple has announced the release of its Xcode IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for developing applications for iOS that work on Apple devices.

The company releases:

  • Xcode 7.3 with Swift 2.2
  • Software development kits (SDKs) for new OS: iOS 9.3 for iPhones and iPads
  • WatchOS 2.2 for Apple watch
  • TvOS 9.2 for the latest Apple TV

Xcode offers a unified workflow for UI design, coding, debugging and testing. The Xcode IDE combines with the Cocoa frameworks and Swift language which make app development easier. The new features in Xcode 7.3 include interactive iOS and OS X playgrounds, intelligent suggestions upon Code completion, static analyser.

While the new Swift 2.2 comes with Swift toolchains downloaded from Swift.org, improvements in standard library, new #file, #line, #column, and #function expressions, new #selector expression, failable class initializers, improved compile-time diagnostic messages and deprecations to syntax like ++, –, and C-style for loops in preparation for the release of Swift 3 in future
Xcode can be downloaded from the App Store for free.

‘Minimalist’ Feathers 2.0 JavaScript Framework Announced

Feathers 2.0 JavaScript Framework for Node.js

Feather 2.0, being positioned as a “minimalist” JavaScript framework is scheduled to be launched for building flexible and real-time apps and APIs. It helps developers to transit from monolithic app development to microservices. The project is announced as a microservices Web framework for Node.js.

Feathers serve as a cover for the Express framework, Primus real-time framework, and the Socket.IO real-time engine. Feathers also offer services to create, read, update, and delete capabilities with methods like find, get, create, update, patch, and remove. A real-time API can be developed using four commands, as mentioned in the Feathers documentation.

Feathers 2.0 can be accessed as an NPM and is available via MIT license.

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