Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Launched Visual Studio 2017 RC, IBM Announced Watson IoT Platform, Drupal Fixed Multiple Vulnerabilities In Its Core Engine

02 Dec. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft announces availability of Visual Studio 2017 RC, IBM launches Watson IoT platform, and Drupal fixes ‘Moderately Critical’ vulnerabilities in CMS core engine.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 RC Released Officially

Microsoft Released Visual Studio 2017 RC

Microsoft has officially launched the release candidate of Visual Studio 2017 at the Connect(); 2016 event. The release includes many performance and features updates along with enhancements to mobile and cloud development experiences.

It comes with an enhanced, easy-to-use IntelliSense with added filtering and a powerful navigation with better filtering and preview. The debugging has also improved in the following areas:

  • Run to Click – a ‘Run to Click’ icon appears in line with the code in the editor that indicates where execution will run to. There is no need to set temporary breakpoints.
  • Attach to Process Filter – simplifies navigating open processes for a specific process that should be debugged.

Moreover, VS2017RC includes many other enhancements across all the languages it supports.

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IBM Launches New Watson IoT Consulting Solutions

IBM Launches New Platform For Building & Managing IoT Solutions

IBM announced industry-specific Watson IoT (Internet of Things) service offerings for automotive, insurance and electronics. It aims at enabling enterprises recognize and benefit from the business transformations benefits that IoT can provide.

The IoT stack is made up of multiple layers which include the physical layer with hardware and software, security and consulting services. It combines security, analytics and many other capabilities including blockchain technology for authentication. The customers can take advantage of a set of APIs, IBM’s SoftLayer cloud infrastructure and all the analytical smarts included in the Watson computing. Additionally, by adding consulting and on-going support, IBM becomes a one-stop solution for enterprises.

IBM Watson IoT Platform can be accessed for free in their cloud as long as customers’ operations are limited to a certain level and a few dozen devices.

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Drupal Patches Moderately Critical Issues in Its Core Engine

Drupal Fixes Moderately Critical Issues In It's Core Engine

Drupal has fixed multiple vulnerabilities in version 7 and 8 of its content management system (CMS) core engine which could have led to social engineering attacks, cache poisoning, and a denial of service condition. The update fixed four issues out of which two were marked as “moderately critical” and affected Drupal core 7.x versions and Drupal core 8.x.

It addresses an issue in transliteration mechanism of Drupal 8 that provides one-way string transliteration and also cleans the names during the upload. A similar issue was encountered and addressed in Drupal 7’s confirmation forms. The other two issues in Drupal 8’s user password reset form and access query tags in Drupal 7 and 8 were marked as less critical by Drupal.

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