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Enterprise Tech News: Google Revamps Wear OS, VMware Acquires CloudHealth Technologies, OpenStack’s Latest Release for Bare-Metal Cloud & Upgrades

07 Sep 2018

This tech news roundup features: Google revamps Wear OS, VMware acquires CloudHealth Technologies, and OpenStack’s latest release for bare-metal cloud and upgrades.

Google Redesigns Wear OS With Updates In Assistant, Notifications And Health Features


Image Credit: Google Inc


Google recently announced the new and revamped look of Wear OS, its wearable platform. It included the launch of a new notification stream, a Google Assistant feed, and an activity feed.


This update will start rolling out within the next few weeks for the existing watch options available in the market. However, the features will be dependent on the device manufacturer and the smartphone’s operating system. Also, it has arrived just ahead of a Qualcomm event on Sept. 10, where Google is expected to announce its new processor, designed intricately for smartwatches. With a new processor and software design, the Wear OS looks geared to compete with Apple’s smartwatch.


The changes are poised to make significant improvements to the user interface of Wear OS with the Assistant feed displaying information like weather, flight, or hotel itineraries while you are traveling. Whereas the new notification feed will include smart reply options, which will make it easy to tap on and reply without swiping through multiple screens. Also, after the redesign of Google Fit app, a left swipe on the watch face will display the current health stats and help you start your workout.
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VMware Acquires CloudHealth Technologies To Strengthen Its Multi-Cloud Management


VMware’s recent acquisition of Boston-based CloudHealth Technologies will offer them with a central multi-cloud management platform to work across Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. It will provide their customers with an excellent way to manage cloud usage, security cost, and performance through a single interface.


With this deal, VMware not only received the multi-cloud management solution but has also gained the 3000 customers of CloudHealth including giants like Yelp, Zendesk, Dow Jones, and Pinterest.


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OpenStack Announces New Release With Focus On Bare Metal Clouds & Upgrades


The OpenStack Foundation released the 18th version of its open-source cloud infrastructure software, last week. Though the project has had its set of ups and downs, yet it remains the de-facto standard to run and manage the large private clouds.


This new release emphasizes the bare-metal clouds. While a significant number of enterprises still manage the workloads in virtual machines, many of them are looking at containers, running on bare metal clouds as an alternative with less overhead costs and faster development cycles. The new release by OpenStack offers the required management and automation features for the different types of deployments.


Another trend becoming quite apparent at this stage is about several enterprises building their private clouds, with specific needs for hardware like GPUs and FPGAs for machine learning workloads. OpenStack will make it easier for the businesses with its project comprising of service for lifecycle management that will suffice these kinds of accelerators.Rishabh Software with experience of more than 19 years helps enterprises to embrace the newer technologies like mobile, cloud, big data and more. Our team of enterprise application developers focuses on multiple technologies to achieve the ideal solution customized for your business needs.


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