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15 Nov. 2010 Software Development

Today’s business environment is very dynamic in nature. Things are rapidly changing be it online or offline. Web is constantly evolving and where there is a remarkable competition amongst business, there is an equal amount of options available for the customers. You need a website design that not only looks good, but sells.

Being an online business owner it is very important that you not only get new customers but also make sure that you retain the existing customers. Your website might stay behind if it is not revived. You need to cater new things periodically to your online business as no one would like to see the same old web site that has not changed for years.

Website redesign is the solution that will help you to get your website work for you.

Website redesign is one of the options that can blend in the world of creativity with great user interfaces making the user experience unique and worth remembering. Obviously the site’s visual appearance is most important. It is also important that the information should be presented in a logical manner i.e. website navigation which is equally important. You can get the navigation right by making it simple and easy so important information is only a few clicks away.

Website redesign will also help you make your website SEO friendly so that you rank higher on search engines enhancing your websites visibility and thus brings more traffic that will eventually convert into customers.

Tips for successful website redesign:

  1. Define your strategic goals: You need to think and clearly define the purpose of redesign.
  2. Do your homework: Find out as much as possible about the current state of website by analysing web traffic data, user behaviour and expectations. Take time to learn about your prospective customers, their needs and expectations by setting up online surveys, face to face interviews and focus groups.
  3. Comply with web standards & browser compatibility: Make sure to redesign your website that follows web standards as technology, standards and user expectations has changed a lot over last few years. Make sure to consider the browser compatibility so as to make the website accessible and usable for broad range of customers.
  4. Quality content: Start to review and reorganize your website content once you know your user needs and expectations. Website redesign is a best time to audit and update content as you know the gaps between the current state of your website and the information architecture that will best serve your users.
  5. SEO friendly design: Website redesign has to be SEO friendly so as to rank higher on search engines thus bringing more traffic to website that will eventually convert into customers.
  6. Content Management System: Good CMS for the website will make it easier to maintain and enables it to seamlessly syndicate content.

Website Redesign Problems

Many of the websites face problems after redesign like 404 – Page not found error, that occurs either if you have dropped the existing website pages or renamed them.

An issue that may be faced while redesigning, is a drop in your existing search engine ranking that may occur if your current website pages are ranking high for various keywords. Changing the filename or location, or deleting them may result in loss of search engine rankings. Another problem that may occur is loss of backlinks to your website which is an integral part of search engine optimization. All of these issues may lead to drop in traffic.

This can be avoided by appropriate custom 404 page and creating redirects that will ensure that you don’t lose the valuable traffic. If somebody tries to access the old pages they will be automatically be redirected to the new location. This redirect also conveys search engine that page has been moved and point them to new location.

Benefits of Website Redesign:

  1. Compelling design and user interface with enhanced navigation and user experience based on your experience and feedback you have received from users.
  2. SEO Friendly Design will help website to rank higher on search engines thus drive more traffic to website which in turn gives you chance of better sale.
  3. Compatible with latest browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome will make website accessible to broad range of users.
  4. Improved website communication and performance with faster page loading time, rich media, web 2.0, and use of latest technology in development.
  5. Easy to maintain and update website with Content Management System.

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