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Weekly News Roundup: iOS 7.1 New Features, HP’s Mobility Solution, Autodesk’s Messaging App

14 Mar 2014

As we always say that there is always something cooking in the technology space. The changes may be small or big but it is important to keep track of them. Here, we take a look at some of the tech stories of the week gone by.

Apple releases iOS 7.1 – New Features

iOS 7.1 is out. Apple has released its first significant update for the iPhone 5S and iPad Air OS since iOS 7 in Sept 2013. This update does not include any big changes which may disrupt user experience. The biggest beneficiaries of this update will be the users with older generations or iPhone, starting from iPhone 4.


New features in iOS 7.1

  • CarPlay integration – It’s an in-car system that allows you to control your in-car entertainment and GPS with Siri
  • Parallax wallpapers switch – A minor tweak that adds a switch to turn off the parallax effect completely
  • Male and female Siri voices for the UK
  • Auto HDR on iPhone 5S
  • Better Siri interface – Siri listens upon pressing down the Home button, which makes the response time slightly quicker than before
  • Increased performance for older devices, specifically iPhone 4
  • Redesigned dialer – A visual refresh that places separate green and red circular blobs to take or reject calls rather than swipe
  • New unlock, power off animations – Minor visual tweaks to make them appear more prominent

HP Extends Enterprise Mobility Solution

HP had been making efforts to meet government level security requirements in its enterprise mobile solutions. Finally, in that wake, HP Enterprise Services today announced a new service designed to help accelerate the U.S. public sector’s adoption of mobile technology to drive workforce productivity, while securing IT assets.


This new flexible service is hosted on HP’s FedRAMP-Authorized Cloud. This enterprise solution is aimed at simplifying device & app management to accelerate government mobility and also improve productivity of the workforce.


Nowadays government employees expect broad and seamless access to business and personal applications, keeping in mind the growth in adoption of high-bandwidth mobile services, it is an opportunity to usher in a new era of digital government.

Autodesk Launches Mobile Messaging App for Enterprise

Autodesk is a company, which takes pride in being an industry leader in making a whole line of design and engineering software for creation and collaboration, decided to build the messaging app in part to facilitate communications between teams.


This is the first step that Autodesk has taken outside of its forte of creating enterprise-grade software. By this, it is foraying into a consumerized world of mobile apps to launch its own mobile messaging product. It has been tentatively dubbed Autodesk Instant. It is a standalone app which is expected to be integrated with its existing offerings.


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