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Weekly Tech Roundup: Oracle’s New Enterprise Suite, Apple Tweaks its Volume Purchase

07 Mar 2014

It may seem that there was a sort of lull in the technological space in the past week but it is just a myth. The technology domain is never constant and changes and evolution always happen, though with differing magnitudes. Here, we take a look at some of the stories of the week gone by.

Oracle’s New Enterprise Suite – Targeted towards Mobile Security

In these testing times, Oracle has found itself playing catch-up on several fronts. It faces growing pressure from investors who wish to see the firm offset weakening demand for its proprietary software and get control of the declining maintenance revenues. To achieve this, the firm is doubling down on product development in an attempt to make up for lost time and get back on the saddle before the competition closes in.


In the newly announced Oracle Mobile Security Suite which is an extension of the company’s existing Identity and Access solutions, Larry Ellison’s renewed push for market relevance is quite evident. The suite promises to make it easier for enterprises to manage employee devices.


“Oracle Mobile Security Suite brings the strength of Oracle’s Identity Management platform to mobile devices, and as a result helps organizations address the BYOD challenge with a logical approach,” according Amit Jasuja, the firm’s senior vice president of Java and Identity Management.

Apple Tweaks its Volume Purchase and Licensing for Apps

Apple has been trying to make huge amounts of information about iOS security and deployment available to IT departments and has also launched a new enterprise-friendly zero-touch setup and management solution for iPhones and iPads. However there has been another vital change that should not be underestimated. Apple has tweaked its volume purchase and licensing program for apps this week. The change — the ability for businesses to license apps using a purchase order — may seem somewhat small, particularly when compared to the enormous time-saving capabilities of the new Device Enrollment Program, but it’s actually a very important change for many companies.


By enabling IT leaders and line of business managers to make app purchasing decisions with a purchase order shows that Apple is listening to their needs. It is a movement to align the App Store with conventional business processes. This evolution can be termed as the enterprise-zation of the app store.

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Goes Mobile

The tech industry is seeing a sort of a paradigm shift towards mobile. It’s one place where everyone wants to be. Smartphones and tablets have become the devices of choice for professionals and this has necessitated the shift in the mobile direction. Dynamics AX, Microsoft’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) software platform, is no stranger to this and is also moving into a decidedly more mobile direction.


The new features of Dynamics AX mobile offerings enable the professionals to get the job done without opening a laptop. These include “an app that lets machine operators report progress on production jobs with easy-to-use, standard touch-enabled Windows devices,” wrote Robbins. “Also, we’ll soon be offering a paystub app for the Windows Phone, so that employees can access this information whenever they need it.”


A roundup of the update that Dynamics AX offers is as follows: The Time and Expenses App for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 and Business Analyzer for Windows Phone 8. These will soon be joined by new Mobile POS and Paystub apps. The Shop Floor Control app will be available on Windows devices, including tablets.


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