Weekly Tech Roundup: Apple Acquire Beats, Microsoft Mobile-First and Yahoo Buys Blink

16 May. 2014 Enterprise Tech News

In the past couple of weeks the tech space saw an increase in Apple’s share price, a hint towards its iWatch plans and HP announced introduction of cost effective datacenters. Let’s take a look at the tech news of more recent times.

Apple’s acquisition of Beats isn’t about the headphone business

The deal is reportedly in its closing stages. But if Apple does buy Beats for approximately $3 billion, it won’t be because of the headphone business of Beats, even though Apple sells Beats cans in every Apple store in the world and that such a deal could provide a nice boost to the bottom line.

Beats Music

Beats Music – “The first music service that understands you.”

It is said that this deal is more about Beats’ streaming music service, Apple’s tenacious grip on music distribution, and the fact that with a deal like this, Apple could easily become a recording industry giant that cuts out the middleman entirely — a notion that keeps executives at Sony, Universal, EMI and the rest of the major labels up at night.

Microsoft’s Mobile-First, Cloud-First Mantra Takes to the Enterprise

Microsoft is a giant in the enterprise space. A testament of this fact is that Office for iPad has been downloaded from the app store 27 million times in less than 2 months, SQL has continued to grow faster than the competition, and it’s BI and Analytics tools rank near the top of Gartner’s Leaders Quadrant.

But for Microsoft, this doesn’t seem to be enough domination. This came to light when at Microsoft’s TechEd conference in Houston, the company announced a whole slew of new products, features and tools for the Mobile-First, Cloud-First world which it (and many, many other vendors) is in the midst of defining.

According to Microsoft an ideal public cloud provider should be delivering hybrid cloud capabilities. The corporate VP of Microsoft stated, “You want that ability to be able to build an application on any cloud, deploy in any cloud. You don’t want to be locked in; you have to have that flexibility”. He went further and said that Microsoft does provide such a cloud that is named Azure and it’s allegedly getting two billion authentications per day.

Yahoo buys self-destructing mobile messaging app Blink

Yahoo, in its efforts to get back in to the race of communication products and services, has acquired Blink. It is a mobile application that allows users to share messages that self-destruct. It is said that this was primarily a talent acquisition. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

However, there are reports that in the weeks that follow the acquisition, the app will be shut down. This would be done in order to reassign Blink’s seven-person team to start work on Yahoo’s “smart communication” products. This team includes former Google employees Kevin Stephens and Michelle Norgan, who founded Meh Labs, the start-up that created Blink.

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