Weekly Tech Roundup: Apple’s Latest Patent, VMware vCloud Air and Seagate 8 TB Hard Drive

29 Aug. 2014 Enterprise Tech News

The past couple of weeks saw Citrix and Google partner to bring enterprise features to Chromebooks, Google aiming to target kids as a new audience base and PayPal rolling out one touch mobile check out for apps. Let’s take a look at the general tech news of more recent times with Apple, Seagate and Kinvey being in the news.

Apple’s Latest Patent is a Heavy Hint at a Move into Mobile Payments

A newly public patent application from Apple describes detailed backend architecture for a mobile wallet designed to hold digital credit, debit cards and coupons issued by a range of merchants and financial institutions. The system is described to be capable of powering mobile transactions via QR codes, the cloud, and store registers compatible with NFC technology.

The latest application, which follows another Apple patent depicting a Passbook-like digital wallet, comes just days ahead of the rumored Sept. 9 launch of the iPhone 6. This application could be quite a deal for Apple as it has a huge natural advantage in payments: its huge number of customer accounts, many of them with a credit card on file.

MBaaS Provider Kinvey Unveils VMware vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Solution

Mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS) provider Kinvey today launched an enterprise mobility hybrid cloud solution for VMware vCloud Air. The solution is said to be delivered as both multitenant and dedicated fully managed cloud services, allowing customers to focus all their efforts on designing and delivering five-star user experiences instead of managing infrastructure.

The company said that the new release can help enterprises boost their profits and reduce their operating costs and will also allow enterprises to launch new mobile-enabled business processes and applications.

Seagate Rolls Out First 8 TB Hard Drive for Enterprises

Seagate 8TB HDD

Seagate 8 TB Hard Drive for Enterprises

Seagate Technology has started making and shipping what is said to be a bona fide industry first – an 8 TB hard disk drive. Seagate is calling it an important step forward in storage. The 8TB hard disk drive facilitates some compelling benefits. For example, the product promises energy-efficient, scale-out data infrastructures. It is also said to have the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry for cloud content, object storage and back-up disaster recovery storage.

The 8 TB hard drive offers bulk data storage for online content storage in an industry standard 3.5-inch HDD in a single drive slot. Seagate reports its drive offers maximum rack density within an existing footprint, which means it packs a powerful punch without taking up any more floor space in the datacenter.

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