Weekly Tech Roundup: Citrix-Google Partnership, Google for Children and PayPal One-Touch Mobile Checkout

22 Aug. 2014 Enterprise Tech News

The past couple of weeks saw Leverage Mobile partner with IBM, Google strengthening its enterprise roots with HP and the growth of Android in the enterprise market share. Let’s take a look at the general tech news of more recent times with Citrix, Google and Paypal being in the news.

Citrix and Google partner to bring native enterprise features to Chromebooks

Chromebooks are making a push for the enterprise with new native Chrome capabilities from Citrix. Google and Citrix have announced Citrix Receiver for Chrome, a native app for the Chromebook which has direct access to the system resources, including printing, audio, and video.

To provide the security needed for the enterprise, the new Citrix app assigns a unique Receiver ID to each device for monitoring, seamless Clipboard integration across remote and local applications, end user experience monitoring with HDX Insight, and direct SSL connections. Google and Citrix have announced a partnership to bring Chromebooks with the Citrix software to 20 global enterprises over the coming months. These deployments are slated to cover many industries, including healthcare.

Google aiming to tap a different customer base – Kids

Tech companies have always been on the move for expanding their services but one relatively untapped demographic has been children, because of several legal complexities. Google is contemplating ways to bring them onto its online services, according to a report published earlier this week.

Safe Browsing on Google Services for Children

Safe Browsing on Google Services for Children

According to that report, the search giant is considering changes to its services that would legally allow children to sign up. The effort would include a version of YouTube that’s safe for kids, and a dashboard would allow parents to see the activities of their children — though it’s unclear when any changes might roll out.

PayPal Rolls Out One-Touch Mobile Checkout For Apps

Mobile commerce today is still challenging with complicated checkout flows that see users bouncing between screens, and having to tap out their personal information on tiny screens and keyboards. PayPal today is hoping to change that with the release of a new product called One Touch for merchants and app developers.

The feature was built in collaboration with PayPal acquisition Braintree, and is basically like a PayPal version of Braintree’s Venmo Touch product. The idea is that you would no longer have to re-enter your credit card information at checkout or time of payment within these apps – it would be stored and recalled when needed.

The use of technology and the round of new announcements and acquisitions continue to rise across the globe. We at Rishabh Software will help your organization stay competitive. Our customized enterprise solutions will empower your organization to keep pace with the new and ever changing trends. Contact us today or Call us on 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) to learn more about our service offerings and solutions.

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